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Sheriff: Calif. Girl Rescued, Alleged Abductor Killed In Rural Idaho

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Anderson, the subject of a multistate police search, was rescued Saturday, and her alleged abductor was killed in a confrontation with law enforcement officials in rural idaho, officials said.

Ex-Microsoft VP, Son Dead In Connecticut Plane Crash

The former executive was piloting the plane when it crashed into two homes a few blocks from an airport.

San Diego Mayor Ducks Out Early From Harassment Therapy

The embattled mayor was supposed to be in therapy until Aug. 19, but his lawyers issued a statement on Saturday saying he would leave early and continue treatment on an outpatient basis.

How Two Veterans Helped Each Other With A Second Chance

Both Paul Wayman and Nathanael Roberti found it difficult to return to civilian life after serving in combat. They ended up in front of a special veterans court and were given a choice: Go to prison, or enroll in a program that helps veterans readjust to civilian life.

Detroit's Uneasy Relations With Michigan

The city has an uncomfortable and sometimes adversarial relationship with the rest of the state. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Reynolds Farley, author of Detroit Divided, about how Michigan is dealing with Detroit's financial troubles.

Beneath The Surface Of U.S.-Russian Relations

President Obama canceled his scheduled trip to Russia to meet with President Putin in September. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with former Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer about why and what will have to change for the relations to improve between these two countries.

Man Survives Attack By Shark, Snake, Lightning ...

Erik Norrie was on vacation in the Bahamas when a shark bit into his leg. He fought it off and survived after massive surgery this week. This was not his first brush with brutal forces of nature, though. Guest host Celeste Headlee explains.

Obama Reaffirms Support Of NSA Programs

Speaking at a White House press conference, the president acknowledged that some Americans might believe that the government can read their emails or listen to their phone calls. But President Obama insisted the programs are conducted lawfully, don't violate privacy rights and are critical to national security.

Obama Outlines Surveillance Proposal

In a wide-ranging news conference before summer vacation, President Obama announced a series of steps designed to boost confidence that government surveillance efforts are not trampling Americans' privacy.

Kerry, Hagel Aim To Ease U.S.-Russian Tensions

The U.S. secretaries of state and defense met their Russian counterparts for a day of talks in Washington on Friday. They hope to find common ground despite U.S.-Russian friction over the Edward Snowden asylum case.