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Federal Safety Officials To Investigate Ohio Air Show Crash

It could take months to determine what caused the fiery crash of the high-powered stunt biplane that killed the pilot and a wing walker on Saturday.

What Happens Without Affirmative Action: The Story Of UCLA

After California banned affirmative action in 1996, the percentages of black and Latino students at UCLA quickly began to fall. The school tried to remedy the problem by changing the factors it considered in its admissions decisions. The percentages of minority students rebounded. But then the school was accused of breaking the law.

West Virginia's Birthday Recalls A State Born Of Civil War

As West Virginia celebrates its 150th birthday this week, the state's chief historian tells the story of how western Virginians created a secession within a secession.

Ecuador Says NSA Leaker Has Asked For Asylum

Edward Snowden left Hong Kong earlier Sunday en route to a "third country" via Moscow. The anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks said it was giving him legal counsel and had helped him leave the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

More States Let Unauthorized Immigrants Take The Wheel

Advocates say these new state laws show the public safety argument is starting to carry weight. New laws in Vermont, Connecticut and Colorado reflect an about-face in policy after 9/11, when states enacted tighter licensing rules.

Ohio Family-Planning Services At Mercy Of Budget Bill

The bill would put family-planning clinics at the bottom of the list for funding. Even those clinics that do not perform abortions but offer referrals expect a major financial blow. Proponents of the measure are clear in their goal: end abortions. But how will it affect other women's health services?

Week In News: Spying, Weapons And Currency

Host Jacki Lyden and The Atlantic's national correspondent James Fallows chat discuss the U.S. government's filing charges of espionage against former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Also, President Obama talked nuclear weapons during a speech in Berlin, and Fallows explains the "Tobin Tax" and what it has to do with the stock market and you.

Stunt Plane Crashes At Air Show, Killing Pilot, Wing Walker

The plane crashed and burned, but no spectators were injured during a low-altitude wing-walking stunt in Dayton, Ohio.

Is This Dog Really That Ugly?

A big-headed, duck-footed, 4-year-old beagle-basset mix captured the title of World's Ugliest Dog, despite stiff competition from a gang of Chinese cresteds.

Judge In Zimmerman Trial Bars Audio Experts' Testimony

The ruling says experts used unproven methods to determine that screams heard on a 911 call came from Trayvon Martin.