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'Victory' For Landowners At The Supreme Court

A Florida man's challenge to a local agency's rejection of plans for his property has been upheld. A state court had ruled that the agency never "took" anything from the property owner. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court overturned that decision.

Voting Rights Act: Supreme Court Says Times Have Changed

The Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act today. Host Michel Martin speaks with two court watchers about what the decision means.

Infidelity: Breakup Or Makeup?

Tell Me More continues the conversation on infidelity by talking with a panel of people who have been there. They discuss why a person would cheat, and what goes into the decision to stay or leave a relationship after an affair.

Immigration Bill 'Disadvantages Women?'

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono says the Senate immigration bill could hurt women. Host Michel Martin speaks with Senator Hirono about her proposal to change that.

Closing The Tech Industry's Gender Gap Requires Better Data

Only 3 percent of venture-backed companies were led by all-female teams, while 89 percent were all male. The staggering male-to-female ratios at the top of the tech industry can't be addressed without a clearer count, writes Code for America's Catherine Bracy.

LIVE BLOG: Supreme Court's Latest Rulings

As the court's term comes to a close, the justices are considering key cases involving voting rights and same-sex marriage.

Obama To Lay Out Broad Plan To Address Climate Change

For the first time, the government plans to limit how much carbon dioxide existing power plants can put into the air. It's a key element of the president's plan, but it's also unclear how aggressive the restrictions will be.

Daughter Bills Dad For IT Support Chores

She sent her dad an invoice for IT services rendered. For replacing a hard drive, the amount due is pizza. Backing up files: fountain drink. Restoring files: Parmesan twists. Total due: dinner at a pizzeria.

Miami Heat Celebrate NBA Championship With Victory Parade

The NBA Champs piled onto the top of a double decker bus that carried them through Miami streets overflowing with fans. But the route also passed under three low hanging overpasses. Amid shouts of "Get Down," the 6'8" LeBron James barely manage to avoid what the Kansas City Star called "a faceful of concrete."

Sea Lamprey Nosed Into Controlled Areas By Scent

Researchers in the Great Lakes are trying to control an ancient fish with a new approach. Sea lamprey are notorious for latching onto other fish and literally sucking the life out of them.