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Rail Project At L.A. Port Draws Environmental Group Ire

In California, a high-profile lawsuit is seeking to halt construction of a new $500 million rail yard next to the Port of Los Angeles. Activists say the massive project would mean even more pollution for nearby neighborhoods that already have some of the worst air in the country.

Amid Data Controversy, NSA Builds Its Biggest Data Farm

The Utah Data Center, 26 miles south of Salt Lake City, will begin operations in September. Though the NSA director has said it won't hold data on U.S. citizens, privacy advocates worry about the agency's expanding capabilities.

Same-Sex Couple Seeks Immigration Relief From High Court

The Supreme Court may soon decide if the federal government will recognize same-sex marriage, a decision with profound implications for unions between American citizens and their foreign-born spouses. The family of one Washington, D.C.-area couple is "watching for that decision big time."

Golden Years Tainted As Retirement Savings Dwindle

Forty-seven-year-old Michael Powers says he expects to be working for a long time. He and fellow members of Generation X, ages 38 to 47, are on track to be the first generation to do worse in retirement than their parents. Assuming they retire at all.

NSA Whistleblower Revealed

Edward Snowden, 29, a contractor for the National Security Agency, says he's behind the leak of information on the NSA's surveillance program. Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the story of the leak and of Snowden's identity, offers his insight.

Newspaper Reveals Source For NSA Surveillance Stories

The Guardian says a former technical adviser for the CIA who now works for a defense and technology consultancy is responsible for the leaks.