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Golden Years Tainted As Retirement Savings Dwindle

Forty-seven-year-old Michael Powers says he expects to be working for a long time. He and fellow members of Generation X, ages 38 to 47, are on track to be the first generation to do worse in retirement than their parents. Assuming they retire at all.

NSA Whistleblower Revealed

Edward Snowden, 29, a contractor for the National Security Agency, says he's behind the leak of information on the NSA's surveillance program. Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian reporter who broke the story of the leak and of Snowden's identity, offers his insight.

Newspaper Reveals Source For NSA Surveillance Stories

The Guardian says a former technical adviser for the CIA who now works for a defense and technology consultancy is responsible for the leaks.

Bush-Era NSA Chief Defends PRISM, Phone Metadata Collection

Gen. Michael Hayden tells NPR that the NSA's surveillance activities are "perfectly legal" and a good balance between security and privacy.

Toll In Santa Monica Shooting Rises To Six, Including Gunman

Because the gunman's father and brother were the first victims, police are reportedly looking into family problems as a likely motive for the killing spree.