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Census Bureau Rethinks The Best Way To Measure Race

To keep pace with the nation's increasing racial and ethnic diversity, the Census Bureau could change how it asks about identity in the 2020 count.

Hospital Bids Bye-Bye To Big Macs, Others May Follow Suit

The presence of fast food joints on hospital campuses often conflicts with wellness efforts. Long-term leases have made it difficult for these facilities to kick the restaurants out. But some hospitals are managing to give burgers and fries the boot.

Elder President Bush In Intensive Care

The nation's 41st president, George H.W. Bush, has been in a Houston hospital since just after Thanksgiving. He went there for treatment of a persistent cough. Since then, he's developed a fever. Doctors are working to bring it down. Bush, 88, is said to be alert and bantering with his nurses.

Wintry Weather Blasting Northeast On Its Way Out

The storm that spread blizzards from Texas to the Great Lakes, and spawned tornadoes in the Southeast, will dump more snow before it heads off toward Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. It's been blamed for at least 15 deaths.

Holiday Travelers Stranded By Severe Weather

A major storm system is causing havoc for travelers trying to get home from their holiday destinations. Powerful winds and blizzard conditions have hit parts of the U.S.

The Fed Boosts The Economy, But What About The Risks?

The Federal Reserve continued to keep its foot on the accelerator in 2012, using unusual tactics to try to boost economic growth. But economists disagree about whether the Fed's policies were effective or whether the inflation risks outweighed the rewards.

Legalized Pot Creates Quandary For Adults In Wash.

Now that marijuana is legal in Washington state, parents and drug counselors face the quandary of what to tell kids about the drug. Counselors, especially, say their job is harder now because of the example of adults who are openly and legally indulging in a substance that, just a few weeks ago, could still be dismissed as illegal.