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Good Riddance! 'Fiscal Cliff' Tops List Of 'Words To Be Banished'

Michigan's Lake Superior State University collects nominees for words or phrases that should be outlawed for "misuse, overuse and general uselessness." This year's No. 1 suggestion is all about the cliffhanger.

Is The Party Over For The Tea Party?

All large classes elected to Congress want to change Washington. The Tea Party has found that there are all kinds of tripwires built into the American system of checks and balances that prevent newcomers from quickly remaking the political culture into their own image.

Secretary Clinton's Condition 'Extremely Common'

Blood clots such as the one that has put the former first lady in a hospital can be dangerous, but can also be treated with anti-coagulants or surgery. She's expected to be in the hospital for at least another day or so.

Year Ends As It Began, With Lawmakers Headed Toward The 'Fiscal Cliff'

Talks continue on a deal to avoid automatic spending cuts and tax increases. But with just hours to go before they kick in, an agreement remained elusive.


Possum Drop Will Be Held In Brasstown, N.C.

Clay's Corner Store used to lower a live possum in a box but People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sued. This year, the store plans to drop a stuffed animal, or roadkill — depending on what's available.

Popular Baby Names For 2013

It turns out parents are increasingly naming newborns after grandparents. That's one new trend, according to the baby website, Belly Ballot. It is also predicting first names that sound like last names: think Kennedy.

Secretary Clinton Hospitalized With Blood Clot

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in a New York hospital for treatment of a blood clot. Clinton suffered a concussion after a fall earlier this month.