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Understanding Migrants Through The Things They Carried

Archaeologists usually uncover every day objects that give us a peek into the lives of people long gone. But one man is turning his attention to the things left behind by people who try to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Jason De Leon, head of the Undocumented Migration Project.

From Deep In The Bible Belt, Pastor Looks For 'Hope After Faith'

Jerry DeWitt was a preacher in the bible belt for 25 years teaching, leading, and comforting his congregation. But then, he lost his faith. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks to DeWitt about how he went from deep Christianity to an Atheist. It's all in his new book "Hope After Faith."

Four Years On, Economic Recovery Still Sluggish

June job numbers are out, and the unemployment rate is still 7.6%. As the U.S. enters its fifth year of recovery, guest host Celeste Headlee asks Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal where we go from here.

A Lively Political Press In A State Where Everything's Bigger

As American media struggles, the Texas press ecosystem finds some energy thanks to new digital players and a turnaround in the economy.

How Sunscreen Can Burn You

Five people burst into flames last year after spray-on sunscreen ignited on their skin. The manufacturer has recalled those sprays, but the Food and Drug Administration says sprays can still pose a fire risk because they include flammable chemicals. So spray carefully, or opt for a shirt.

That's 'My Son Screaming' On 911 Call, Trayvon's Mother Says

A key piece of evidence in the trial of George Zimmerman is whose voice can be heard on a recording yelling for help. Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's mother, testified Friday that she's sure it was her son who was screaming.

VIDEO: California Fireworks Mishap Injures Dozens

A large number of the explosives went off far too close to the ground. At least 28 people were hurt, though most of the injuries are said to be minor. Onlookers caught the chaos on video.

At Tech-Free Camps, People Pay Hundreds To Unplug

As electronic communication grows more pervasive, demand is growing for paid retreats where you have to surrender all electronic devices. One participant says giving up his phone for a weekend was "liberating"; another says she was inspired to observe tech-free Friday nights.

Boy Saved From Drowning By Woman Posing For Engagement Photo

Becki Salmon and her fiancé were posing on the banks of a fast-moving creek in a Philadelphia park. That is until a five-year-old boy started drowning right behind them, reports WPVI TV. Salmon, who's a trained lifeguard, jumped into the water and saved the boy.

Prescott's July 4 Celebrations Honor Fallen Firefighters

For the nearly 700 firefighters trying to smother the Arizona blaze that killed 19 of their own on Sunday, July 4th was another day on the hill. An interagency investigation team was collecting evidence to figure out what went wrong. And in nearby Prescott — home to the Granite Mountain Hotshots — the town went ahead with its holiday celebration.