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S.F. Crash-Landing: Two Chinese Students Died On Airliner

An investigation has begun into Saturday's crash-landing of a South Korean airliner at San Francisco's airport, which left two passengers dead and dozens more injured. Two 16-year-old girls from China were killed, the airline says.


Quebec Town Still Ablaze After Runaway Train Explosion

The death toll has risen to three after a train carrying crude oil derailed in Quebec on Saturday. The blistering explosion destroyed a town center, and officials say the ongoing fires are keeping rescuers from searching the rest of the train.

Even Married, They Can't Be Together Legally

Last year, U.S. citizen Caly Muniz Castro married an illegal immigrant. Now he is in Brazil, waiting for papers that will allow him to return to the U.S. legally. They've been separated for six months, and they don't know how long it will be before they are together.

Crash At San Francisco Airport Kills Two

More than 180 people were wounded — nearly 50 seriously — after the crash-landing of Asiana Flight 214 from South Korea. NPR's Richard Gonzales has the latest on the investigation.

At The Trial Of Whitey Bulger

The trial of one of America's most notorious crime bosses continues tomorrow, with a former Bulger henchman expected to take the stand. Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks to Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen, who has been reporting on the Bulger trial and live-tweeting court proceedings.

Who Is Putting Tiny Doors On Storefronts In Ann Arbor

Could it be fairies? Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin talks to Jonathan Wright, a self-proclaimed "fairyologist," about the mysterious phenomenon of tiny doors appearing around the Michigan town.

Defense's Turn In Zimmerman Trial

The prosecution wrapped up its arguments in an emotional week in the trial of George Zimmerman, who says he shot unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in self-defense. NPR's Greg Allen has been covering the trial and joins Weekend Edition Sunday host Rachel Martin.

The New World Of Firefighting: Politics, Climate And Humans

Writer and photojournalist Michael Kodas says forest management, climate change and growing population complicate fire fighting.

Despite Hefty Payouts, Fire Insurance Costs Hold Steady

The insurance industry is bracing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in claims to people whose homes lay in the path of major forest fires. But with government policies that indirectly encourage building in high-risk areas, insurance premiums for those living in the woods are unlikely to rise much.

Asiana Airlines Jet Crashes At San Francisco International

Video reports show smoke billowing from Asiana Airlines Flight 214 and it appears to have broken into at least two large pieces. Images from the scene also show many passengers walking away from the crippled jet.