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Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Goes On Trial

Three years ago the Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil charges against Goldman Sachs and one of its traders, Fabrice Tourre. They were charged with misleading investors over mortgage-backed securities. Goldman settled and agreed to pay $550 million. Tourre's trial began Monday in a Manhattan court room.

President George H.W. Bush Honored At White House

"We are surely a kinder and gentler nation because of you," President Obama told the nation's 41st president. The occasion was a ceremony to present the 5,000th Points of Light Award.

Did Social Media Help Ease Tensions After Zimmerman Verdict?

Protests of the George Zimmerman verdict remained largely peaceful this weekend, as social media continued to be the place to vent, bicker and debate over the killing of Trayvon Martin and its aftermath.

Zimmerman Juror Signs With Book Agent

"Juror B37," a woman in her 50s from Seminole County, Fla., will explain why the panel had "no option" but to find George Zimmerman not guilty of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, her literary agent says.

55 Customers Pay For Next Car's Order At Mass. Doughnut Shop

It was a doughnut domino effect as folks chose to "pay it forward" by paying for the car behind. At a Canadian shop more than 200 customers did the same thing. Is this becoming a trend?

Kids Watch TV As Parents Do, Not As They Say

All the advice that parents should set rules to limit children's TV time goes only so far. Children tend to watch the same amount of TV that their parents do. Setting an example and sticking to it looks like the most effective approach.

Holder: Trayvon Martin Case Is A Chance For 'Difficult Dialogue'

In his first public comments since a jury acquitted George Zimmerman of all charges, Attorney General Eric Holder did not announce any new federal action on the case.

Inside The Zimmerman Verdict

The verdict in the George Zimmerman trial raises questions about the legal strategies, the strength of the evidence, and the role of the legal system in addressing social issues. Host Michel Martin talks about all this with Georgetown law professor Paul Butler and writer Jenee Desmond Harris.

What Does Race Have To Do With It?

Host Michel talks about the role race played — or didn't play — in the criminal trial of George Zimmerman. She speaks with Corey Dade, contributing editor for, and Roger L. Simon, founder of PJ Media.

Robert Zimmerman: 'Respect Jury's Decision'

Host Michel Martin talks to Robert Zimmerman Jr. about the acquittal of his younger brother, George Zimmerman, in the killing of unarmed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.