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Congress Debates Taking A Step Back From The Mortgage Market

Lawmakers are trying to figure out how to scale back the outsize role that mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac play in the housing market. A bipartisan Senate proposal would replace Fannie and Freddie with a scaled-down program, while a Republican House proposal would go even further.

Obama Could Declare An Immigration Amnesty, But ...

Granting a presidential amnesty to people in the country illegally would not only be received as a declaration of war by many of his Republican opponents; it most likely wouldn't go down well even with some Democratic allies.

Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey: I'm Not Broke Or Homeless

After a British newspaper wrote that the man who helped rescue three young women from captivity is now having trouble getting by, he told other news outlets that such tales aren't true.

'We're Here To Stay' Says Newly Confirmed Consumer Watchdog

After two years of political bickering, Richard Cordray has been confirmed as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He thinks that, in the end, his agency has won bipartisan support for the work it will do.

How Secret Does A Secret Court Need To Be?

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISA court, is the legal body that decides whether wiretaps and other surveillance methods used by the intelligence community are legal. Officials seem to agree that the procedures need to be more transparent, but how that would happen is anything but clear.

Boston Marathon Victims Push Back On Fund Protocol

Attorneys for some victims of the Boston Marathon bombings are asking the Massachusetts attorney general to look into the way money collected through the One Fund is being distributed. The $60 million raised by the Fund is being distributed, in large part, based on how long victims spent in the hospital after the attacks. But some victims say they are being shortchanged, because injuries such as concussion or hearing loss are serious, but did not require long hospital stays.

Bernanke Gives Economic Road Map With Uncertain Timeline

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before the House Committee on Financial Services Wednesday, saying that when and how the Fed winds down its stimulus program will depend on economic conditions.

Senate Revisits Voting Rights Act Following Court Ruling

Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee holds the first congressional hearing on how best to resuscitate the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the statute in June.

The Likely Story Of A Leaking Water Main

A water main crisis has been averted in Maryland, but the crumbling of water infrastructure is a common story. How did we get here? Melissa Block speaks with Greg DiLoreto, president of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Writing A Road Map For Ending Sexual Assault In The Air Force

Audie Cornish speaks with Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward, director of the U.S. Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office. She's developing training and other programs to help stop sexual assault in the Air Force.