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Wine Has Sommeliers. Now, Beer Has Cicerones

A new program is working to bring the same level of knowledge that sommeliers have about wine to the world of malt and hops, by turning out batches of certified beer experts known as cicerones.

Obama Campaigns For College Affordability Plan

The president returned from vacation to take to the road, touring college towns in New York and Pennsylvania to talk about higher education. He's proposing a system that would rank colleges' affordability, which could then be tied to federal aid — but in Washington, a budget battle is waiting.

San Diego Mayor Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner resigned on Friday. The city council struck a deal under which Filner — a Democrat — will step down on Aug. 30. It's the end result of a sexual harassment scandal that has seen more than a dozen women accuse Filner of inappropriate behavior.

ESPN Says It Backs Reporting As It Pulls Out Of NFL Series

The network asked to have its branding removed from an upcoming PBS series on the NFL and head injuries. Two of its reporters contributed to the effort, and there's a report that the decision followed pressure from the NFL.

Is This The Beginning Of Obama Unbound?

President Obama cast aside his usual caution while speaking at a town hall-style meeting in Binghamton, N.Y., on Friday. "I'm in my second term, so I can say it," he said, before suggesting law schools shave a year off their programs.

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Announces His Resignation

Bob Filner has resigned after accusations of groping and forcibly kissing as many as 18 women. The City Council voted to accept an agreement hammered out between Filner and city negotiators.

What To Make Of Tiger Woods' Major-less Year

By the standard of normal golfing mortals, Tiger Woods has had an incredible summer. He's won multiple tournaments and millions of dollars in prize money. What he didn't do was win any of golf's four major championships. And those major wins are his measure of success.

Discrimination Suit Dropped Against TV's Paula Deen

An agreement to dismiss comes less than two weeks after a judge threw out a racial discrimination charge.

Summer Nights: Senior Softball In Huntington Beach, Calif.

Senior Softball USA has 33,000 members and is growing. As part of our Summer Night series, we head to southern California, where the Mightys play. It's a group of senior women who love the sport and love to swear in excitement. But no chewing tobacco.

San Diego City Council Considers Mayor's Resignation

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is expected to resign on Friday after the city council approves a tentative deal struck earlier this week. The details of the agreement are not know at this point.