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Local Sake: America's Craft Brewers Look East For Inspiration

Many Americans have encountered sake as that hot, cloudy beverage served in sushi bars. But now, the good stuff is coming. High-end imports from Japan are up, and many bars now focus on sake. Best of all, perhaps, are the microbreweries popping up across the country.

Will 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Stand Up To Scrutiny?

The George Zimmerman trial has put so-called "Stand Your Ground" laws back into the spotlight. Host Michel Martin speaks to attorney Leigh-Ann Buchanan about Florida's 'stand your ground' law and similar legislation in other states. She's leading an American Bar Association task force on the laws.

This Summer, Straighten Up That 401(k)

It's summer and a lot of people are thinking about vacations and barbecues. But what about your 401(k)? Many financial experts say July is a perfect time to review your yearly financial goals. Host Michel Martin speaks with Money Coach Alvin Hall about how to refocus your financial priorities.

Community Supported Agriculture: How Big Is Too Big?

Large CSAs with thousands of members are usually part of farms with more complex business models. Sometimes that complexity can lead to debt and other problems.

Latin Drug Bosses And Their Growing American Ties

The alleged leader of the Zetas cartel, who was arrested in Mexico on Monday, was raised in Dallas and still has family there.

Surprise! They're Twins! ... Pandas That Is

Lun Lun, a 15-year-old giant panda, gave birth to twins at Zoo Atlanta. It is the first time twin pandas have been born in the U.S. since 1987.

Costlier Insurance For Smokers May Not Come With Quitting Help

The federal health law allows new individual and small group insurance plans to charge smokers up to 50 percent higher premiums in 2014. Will the higher rates persuade smokers to give up the habit?

Zimmerman Trial: L.A. Mayor Calls For Calm After Violent Protests

Eric Garcetti said while the trial in Florida may have " ignited passions," it should not "ignite the city." Los Angeles police said beginning Tuesday officers will take a "stricter posture" on demonstrations.

An Unreal Sport: Mixing 'Fantasy Life' With Reality

ESPN's Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst Matthew Berry's new book Fantasy Life is a look into the world of fantasy sports, which draw in tens of millions of players and ranks as the fourth most popular sport in the nation.

Ex-Nixon Adviser, Leonard Garment, Dies At 89

As the Watergate scandal unfolded, Leonard Garment urged President Nixon not to destroy tapes of conversations he had made at the White House. The tapes played a major role in Nixon resigning the presidency.