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Can A Big Earthquake Trigger Another One?

A new scientific report claims that a powerful quake can, in effect, be contagious. The finding could have important implications for hazard planning in earthquake zones.

At 16, Making A Trek To Make The '63 March On Washington

Lawrence Cumberbatch's parents thought their 16-year-old son was too young to walk from Brooklyn to the March on Washington in 1963. And enlisting Lawrence's uncle to dissuade him didn't have quite the effect they had hoped for, Lawrence tells his son, Simeon.

Outgoing FBI Boss On His Legacy And What Kept Him Up At Night

For nearly a dozen years now, FBI Director Robert Mueller has started his morning — every morning — with a secret threat briefing. On the eve of his departure, he talks to NPR about what leading the bureau has been like in an age of al-Qaida and more.

Justice Files Voter Discrimination Suit Against Texas

Attorney General Eric Holder's office has filed a lawsuit alleging that the state's voter ID law keeps minorities from the polls.

NYC Lawmakers Override Bloomberg On Police Oversight

The City Council approves two measures that the mayor had vetoed — one designed to increase oversight of the NYPD and another making it easier to file claims of profiling.

Polite Reception For Obama College Cost Plan Belies Hurdles

President Obama's big idea of linking federal financial aid to a new college ratings system — based on metrics like student debt levels — would require congressional action. That means it would have to make it through the GOP-led House, where Obama's initiatives don't have a great track record.

John F. Kennedy Faced Civil Rights Opponents In His Own Party

One aim of the organizers of the 1963 March on Washington was to get Congress to pass civil rights legislation. President John F. Kennedy had proposed a wide-ranging measure earlier that summer. But he faced unrelenting opposition from lawmakers, many in his own party.

Unemployment Claims Drop To Pre-Recession Levels

More than 330,000 people filed new claims for unemployment insurance benefits last week. That sounds like a big number — and is a slight increase over the previous week — but it's being taken as some very good news. For a month, now, fewer new people are asking for unemployment insurance than at any time since November, 2007. That's before the Great Recession.

Obama Calls For College Affordability On Bus Tour

President Obama was in Buffalo, N.Y., today, talking up the college affordability program at the SUNY campus there and urging Congress to do more to support higher education. The president also has a political agenda as he drives from town to town. NPR's Scott Horsley is with the president and joins us now.

Nasdaq Trading Halted For Hours By Technical Glitch

Trading on the Nasdaq exchange was halted today due to an unspecified technical glitch. The shutdown rattled investors and raised fresh concerns about the safety and stability of financial markets. Nasdaq in particular has experienced technological mishaps, most notably during the Facebook IPO in 2012.