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Senator Questions White House's Handling Of Drone Program

Robert Siegel speaks with Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon about the Obama administration's shift on drone policy. Wyden was part of a group of senators who demanded that the administration turn over secret documents related to the operation against Amwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen killed in Yemen in a drone strike.

Obama Details Plan To Pull Back From 'War On Terror'

President Obama laid out his counterterrorism plans, including his policy on the use of drones, at a major speech at the National Defense University on Thursday.

Okla. Family Must Rebuild Tornado-Damaged Home A Second Time

In Moore, Okla., cleanup continues from Monday's tornado. One family is debating what to do next. The tornado destroyed the Phillips' home that they built after the 1999 tornado destroyed their previous one.

Obama Pledges To Be More Transparent About Drone Program

In a major speech on counterterrorism on Thursday, President Obama said the war on terror has changed and U.S. policy must be adjusted. He promised to be more forthcoming about the government's targeted killing program for terrorism suspects, and said he was open to talking to Congress about ways to review the use of weaponized drones. Carrie Johnson talks to Melissa Block about the evolving drone policy.

In La., Families Still Searching For Storm-Scattered Remains

In August, Hurricane Isaac's 12-foot storm surge plowed through cemeteries in Plaquemines Parish, ripping tombs off their foundations and displacing the remains of almost 200 people. About 60 are still unidentified, and at least one is missing.

Moore Students And Teachers Gather For One More School Day

In Moore, Okla., schools opened their doors today to give students and teachers a chance to reconnect once more before the summer.