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READ: The Theft Complaint Filed Against Bachmann Aide

The sting operation sounds like something from a crime novel. What was allegedly taken by the Minnesota lawmaker's assistant? An envelope marked "petty cash" that had $80 in it and maybe another marked "birthday money" that held $120.

Liz Cheney, Daughter Of Former VP, To Run For Senate

On the same day that veteran Republican Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming said he will seek reelection, Cheney said she will challenge him in next year's primary.

The Charter School Vs. Public School Debate Continues

The charter school movement turns 21 this year and the latest study shows kids in most charter schools are doing as well or better in reading and math than their counterparts in traditional public schools. But now, leading charter school supporters are questioning that study.

Holder Calls For 'Hard Look' At 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

"It's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods," the attorney general said Tuesday. Such a law hovered over the trial of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin.

Program Hopes To Help Disabled Veterans Through Free Vacations

Veterans who served in conflicts over the last ten years have seen a different kind of war than those who fought in World War II and Vietnam. What began as a way for the community of Custer, S.D., to say thank you to veterans has turned into saving families and relationships. Operation Black Hills Cabin is a free week-long vacation for wounded warriors.

San Diego Mayor Accused Of Sexually Harassing Women

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is refusing to resign amid a sexual harassment scandal that continues to grow. On Monday, representatives for three unnamed woman gave details of the mayor's unwanted advances, which included groping and forced kissing.

Juror In George Zimmerman Trial Backs Off Book Plans

One of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial, identified only as juror B37, spoke with CNN about the trial. She says the jury was initially split, but eventually agreed the state didn't prove its case. And she said race wasn't a factor in the decision.

Cerner Fights For Share In Electronic Medical Records Boom

Secure data storage is a big selling point for Cerner. But the company also develops software for all kinds of medical settings, and it even sends tech people to hospitals to run their information systems. Founded in 1979, Cerner now employs 12,000 people, and it can't hire engineers fast enough.

Young People Push Back Against Gender Categories

As society has become more accepting of gays, lesbians and even transgender people, a new generation of young people is challenging those categories in favor of a more fluid understanding of gender. They refuse to be limited by notions like male and female.

'Living Wage' Laws Create Both Winners And Losers

Wal-Mart's long-standing plans to come to Washington, D.C., are now up in the air. The city council passed a living wage law that would require the world's largest retailer to pay $12.50 an hour, more than the city's current $8.25 minimum wage. To learn more about living wage bills throughout the country, Audie Cornish speaks to David Neumark, professor of economics and director of the Center for Economics and Public Policy at the University of California, Irvine.