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Archeologists Search Lake Michigan For 1679 Ship Wreckage

In northern Lake Michigan, explorers are stepping up their effort to find a ship that sank in 1679. French and American archeologists are on the lake looking for the ship sailed by French explorer Rene-Robert Sieur de la Salle. So far, the excavation has uncovered a wooden beam that looks like the mast of a ship.

Rose Wins U.S. Open, Mickelson Loses Again

Jason Rose, 32, has won the U.S. Open golf tournament. David Greene talks to Christine Brennan, sport commentator for USA Today, about Rose, who is the first Englishman to win the U.S. Open in 43 years. Phil Mickelson has come in second numerous times.

Wisconsin's Walker Downplays Presidential Buzz

A year after he survived a recall attempt, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a folk hero among many conservatives and often talked of as a presidential contender in 2016. Walker dismisses that talk, but he has taken steps that hint at national ambition.

Visa Exchange Program Draws Scrutiny Under Immigration Bill

As lawmakers consider a sweeping immigration bill, they are taking a close look at a decades-old exchange program popular with foreigners looking for summer jobs. Critics of the J-1 visa program say it can hurt U.S. job seekers at a time when youth unemployment is at 25 percent.

Obama To Name Top Lawyer As Guantanamo Closure Envoy

Clifford Sloan will reopen the Office of Guantanamo Closure. He has served in senior positions in both Democratic and Republican administrations.

Privacy Past And Present: A Saga Of American Ambivalence

American privacy concerns go back as far as the country's origins. Today, in the wake of major revelations about the scope of the National Security Agency's surveillance, polls show that feelings are still mixed.