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Zimmerman's Side To Push Self-Defense In Closing Argument

In Sanford, Fla., on Friday, George Zimmerman's defense delivers its closing argument in the murder trial of the Neighborhood Watch volunteer. He's charged in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin.

How Is Zimmerman Doing In The Court Of Public Opinion?

Besides the courtroom trial going on in Sanford, Fla., for Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman, the larger issues are being discussed online and in public demonstrations.

Senate Democrats Fed Up With Filibusters On Nominations

Senate Democrats are once again threatening a rules change to allow President Obama to win approval for his executive branch appointments on a simple majority vote. Republicans complain that this strike against the filibuster is both unfair and a bad precedent.

Newtown Families Criticize Donation Payout Proposal

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, millions of dollars were donated to help the people of Newtown, Conn. Who gets that money, and how it's divided, has become a contentious issue for families already struggling with their grief.

Apple To Appeal Ruling It Fixed E-Book Prices

A federal judge this week ruled that Apple conspired to raise prices of e-books, handing a victory to the Justice Department. Another winner in the fallout from this case was Amazon, the dominant seller of e-books.

Chuck Foley, Co-Created Twister, Dies At 82

Charles "Chuck" Foley and his business partner Neil Rabens invented the game for Milton Bradley in 1966. Twister is now manufactured by Hasbro Inc., and the company says it remains a top seller.

Mary Hamilton, The Woman Who Put The 'Miss' In Court

Mary Hamilton, a field secretary for the Congress of Racial Equality, was arrested at an Alabama protest and refused to answer the judge unless he called her "Miss." It was custom for white people to get honorifics, but black people were called by first names.

Will A Health Insurer Sponsor The Next 'Jackass' Movie?

Soon, all Americans will have to buy health insurance or pay a fine. This sounds like a marketer's dream. But when the product you're selling is health insurance, there are some pitfalls.

A Father And Daughter 'Keep The Faith' During Cancer Fight

In 2007, 4-year-old Faith Marr was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. Doctors were uncertain about her chances of survival. Faith and her father, Jerris, talk about how their bond grew stronger during hospital stays when he would "tattoo" her favorite things on her skin and scars.

Prison Sterilization Report Prompts Call For Inquiry In California

Allegations that 148 female prisoners underwent tubal ligation surgeries without the state's required approval emerged in the past week. Some inmates said they were pressured into undergoing the sterilization procedure.