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Cleveland Kidnappings: Wednesday's Developments

As investigators piece together what happened to three young women who appear to have been held captive for about a decade, the residents of the Cleveland neighborhood where they were found are in shock.

Specially Trained FBI Agents Will Help Kidnapped Women Heal

Three women rescued in Cleveland after going missing a decade ago have beaten the odds. In most cases, Justice Department statistics say victims don't survive that kind of ordeal. FBI forensic experts and victim specialists will be meeting with the women and their families, to try to start the process of helping them return to the world.

Clevelanders Ask How Abducted Women Were Held Without Notice

The neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, where three kidnapped women were held for about a decade is a mix of happiness and disbelief. Happy that the three were found safe. But there are questions about how they could have lived there for so many years without raising suspicion.

Congress Considers Patch To Keep Helium Supply Afloat

The Senate is considering legislation to prevent a global helium shortage from worsening in October. That's when the Federal Helium Program is set to terminate.

Cantor's Rebranding Effort Tested By House Republicans

The House majority leader has pushed an agenda aimed at creating "health, happiness and prosperity" for American families. But so far Rep. Eric Cantor has had a mixed record in getting his fellow Republicans to go along with the effort.

With Gorgeous Dorms But Little Cash, Colleges Must Adapt

Jeffrey Selingo, an editor with The Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that American colleges have lost their way. In College (Un)bound, he describes the challenges facing American higher education and takes a close look at what college students are getting in return for their tuition.