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Nativity Collector Dreams Of Mangers And Museums

Margo Dixon has a longtime passion for Nativity scenes and has accumulated 1,450 sets over the years. When she retired two years ago, Dixon moved to Bethlehem, Pa., with hopes of opening a Nativity museum.

For NRA, There's Nothing To Debate About Guns

Some politicians believed the mass shooting in Newtown would be a tipping point leading to new gun restrictions. That may still happen, but the NRA and other groups have made clear their belief that guns aren't the problem.

Dismissed Case Raises Questions On Shaken Baby Diagnosis

Kristian Aspelin had one thing in his favor: enough money to pay for medical experts. The experts were able to convince prosecutors that his infant son's death was an accident.

Killer's DNA Won't Explain His Crime

Sandy Hook and other mass killings have left people wondering how someone could engage in such behavior. Scientists say that genes can indeed predispose a person to mental illness or violence. But genetic variants alone can't explain why someone commits mass murder.

John Kerry Already A Familiar Face To World Leaders

The Massachusetts senator has already carried out sensitive diplomatic efforts on behalf of President Obama, with a strong focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan in recent years.

Boehner's Power Outage Dimming Obama's Options As Well

John Boehner's inability to get fellow Republicans to line up behind him not only increases doubts about his future as House speaker; it also raises a more immediate question for President Obama: Who can he negotiate with in the effort to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff?

Sen. Daniel Inouye Remembered As Quiet Inspiration

President Obama and others remember the Senate's most senior member for his long public service and dedication during a funeral service Friday in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Kerry Gets Obama's Nod For Secretary Of State

President Obama is expected Friday to nominate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., as his next secretary of state. Kerry would replace Hillary Clinton, who's planning to leave the post after four years as the president's globetrotting emissary.