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Week In News: Spying, Weapons And Currency

Host Jacki Lyden and The Atlantic's national correspondent James Fallows chat discuss the U.S. government's filing charges of espionage against former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. Also, President Obama talked nuclear weapons during a speech in Berlin, and Fallows explains the "Tobin Tax" and what it has to do with the stock market and you.

Stunt Plane Crashes At Air Show, Killing Pilot, Wing Walker

The plane crashed and burned, but no spectators were injured during a low-altitude wing-walking stunt in Dayton, Ohio.

Is This Dog Really That Ugly?

A big-headed, duck-footed, 4-year-old beagle-basset mix captured the title of World's Ugliest Dog, despite stiff competition from a gang of Chinese cresteds.

Judge In Zimmerman Trial Bars Audio Experts' Testimony

The ruling says experts used unproven methods to determine that screams heard on a 911 call came from Trayvon Martin.

Finding A Salad Bar In Your Backyard

No room for a crispy salad in your picnic basket? No worries. In many parts of the country you can gather the fixings from the greenery growing near the picnic blanket.

School Hopes Talking It Out Keeps Kids From Dropping Out

The "conflict resolution room" at Ypsilanti High School in Michigan is where students go when they're on the verge of being suspended. It's an alternative approach to discipline that could keep kids in school and out of trouble.

Did IRS Targeting Harm Tea Party Groups?

Congress continues its hearings into the IRS flagging of Tea Party groups that applied for tax-exempt status. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks to NPR's Shirish Date.

Tawny Crazy Ants Invade Southern States

Tawny crazy ants are invading ecosystems and homes in states including Texas and Florida, wiping out other ant species and overwhelming homeowners. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks to Texas A&M research scientist Robert Puckett, who says the ants are "ecological steamrollers" that reproduce so fast they are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Keeping Track Of The 'Security-Industrial Complex'

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon talks with Washington Post investigative reporter Robert O'Harrow about the merging of public and private surveillance and the growth of the "security-industrial complex" in the U.S.

The Pioneer Of Parking Dies At 91

Herb Citrin, the man known as "Mr. Valet," died this past week at the age of 91. Citrin pioneered valet parking in Los Angeles more than 60 years ago.