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Burying Tamerlan: Bostonians Say Not In Our Backyard

There's controversy about what to do with the body of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. But what happened to the bodies of other similar figures in recent history like Adam Lanza or the Virginia Tech shooter? Host Michel Martin finds out.

How To Avoid Being 'That Mom' When Kids Head To College

Thousands of American students and their parents have survived college admission season. Host Michel Martin is joined by the regular moms contributors who dole out advice on how to how to prepare your children emotionally, academically and financially to succeed in college.

A 'Poison Pill' In The Immigration Bill?

It might be up to the government to decide whether foreign workers are the most qualified applicants for for jobs at private companies.

Sexual Assaults In Military Have Increased By A Third Since 2010

A Pentagon survey finds that 26,000 service members were believed to be victims of sexual assault in 2012. The report comes as the military faces growing criticism over how it handles cases of sexual assault.

FBI Agent: 'Nightmare Is Over' For Kidnapped Women

Authorities in Cleveland are providing new details on the conclusion of a decadelong kidnapping case. Three women who went missing between 2000 and 2003 were discovered alive in a home last night, and three brothers have been arrested. Steve Inskeep talks with Brian Bull from member station WCPN in Cleveland.

N.J. Gov. Christie Underwent Weight-Loss Surgery In February

Gov. Chris Christie said he had the surgery in February, motivated by his wife and kids and not a potential White House run.

Neighbor In Cleveland: 'I Thought This Girl Was Dead!'

Charles Ramsey says he had no clue that three young women who had been missing for years were inside a home in Cleveland. He thought Amanda Berry, whose cries led him to the porch, had died long ago. Ramsey tells a vivid story. Watch the video.