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Rebuilding New Jersey' Shore, One Boardwalk At A Time

When Hurricane Sandy swept through New Jersey last year, it destroyed homes and businesses. It also obliterated boardwalks — the center of social and economic life in the towns. In the months since, towns have rushed to rebuild their boardwalks, but not everyone thinks the money is well spent.

Indianapolis Speedway Needs Boost, But With Taxpayer Funds?

Indiana's governor has approved $100 million in bonds to help repair the private stadium, arguing its economic benefit to the region is worth the cost. But even some race fans aren't sure that should be a top priority.

'Orphaned' By World War II, Children Salute Fallen Fathers

Now in their 70s, those who lost their dads in the war may not have clear memories of their own fathers. They've made do with voice recordings, letters and long-hidden photos, and found their own ways to honor their fathers' sacrifices.

Job Searching While Black: What's Behind The Unemployment Gap?

Income and wealth inequality is just about as American as baseball and apple pie. And although the economy has improved in the last few years, the unemployment rate for black Americans is about double that for whites.

Stunned By Military Sex Scandals, Advocates Demand Changes

As the nation prepares to mark Memorial Day, outrage has been building on Capitol Hill and beyond over the military's failure to repair a system that has placed service members in more danger of sexual assault than of battlefield injury.

Gals Who Grill: What Will It Take For Women To Man The Q?

The grill "is the one and only male-dominated appliance in America," says a researcher who recently crunched the numbers. He found that men are more than twice as likely as women to be the primary grillers at home. One reason? Grilling can feel like a form of recreation.

IRS Hearings Highlight Ambiguity Of Nonprofits In Politics

The congressional hearings about the IRS's handling of Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status raise the question of why and how tax-exempt groups engage in politics in the first place.