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Preparing For The World Of 2030

A report by the National Intelligence Council projects that in 2030 the U.S. influence in global affairs will decrease, China will continue to rise as a global power, and a global middle class will grow significantly.

At Benghazi Hearing, Sen. Kerry Urges More Diplomatic Resources

State Department officials, testifying before Congress, acknowledge that security was inadequate in Benghazi before the deadly Sept. 11 attacks. Sen. John Kerry, who chaired the Senate hearing, says the diplomatic corps need more resources.

Newtown Shootings Inspire '26 Acts Of Kindness' Campaign

After NBC News' Ann Curry tweeted the idea — to do one act of kindness in memory of each person murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School — it took off. You can see what others are doing, and share your story, by following #26Acts.

Advice On How Kids, Adults Can Cope With Tragedy

A lot of parents are at a loss for words when it comes to explaining the Sandy Hook shooting to their kids. Host Michel Martin speaks to Suzanne McCabe of Scholastic about advice on how families can move forward from disasters. McCabe also talks about her own experiences dealing with tragedy.

What Does Autism Have To Do With It?

Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza has been described as "quiet" and "different." Unconfirmed reports have suggested that he may have had autism or Asperger's syndrome. Host Michel Martin looks at the speculation about Lanza, and talks about the myths and truths about autism and Asperger's syndrome with two moms and a child psychiatrist.

Armored Backpacks, Volunteer Guards Among Responses To School Shootings

The mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., has prompted a variety of responses. Along with reports about soaring sales of backpacks designed to protect against bullets, there's word of volunteers — such as one Marine in California — who are standing watch outside schools.

Blizzard Warnings In Upper Midwest; Possible Tornado In Alabama

Heavy snow and strong winds are making travel tough from Iowa into Minnesota and Wisconsin. As the storm moves east, it's expected to bring rain and lake-effect snow to parts of the East.

Today's 'Plan B' Vote: Part Of Posturing Or A Push Over The 'Fiscal Cliff?'

As the outlines of a deal have taken shape, both sides have been trying to show supporters that they're hanging tough. So today's vote on a GOP plan could be a bit of political theater that helps push the federal government over that so-called cliff and an important step toward compromise.