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Can Oysters With No Sex Life Repopulate The Chesapeake Bay?

Scientists and watermen have joined forces to plant underwater farms in the Chesapeake with a special oyster bred to be sterile. Instead of using energy to reproduce, these oysters use it all to grow — twice as fast as normal.

D.C. Wage Rift Puts Spotlight On Wal-Mart's Urban Push

Wal-Mart's plans to come to Washington, D.C., are up in the air after the City Council voted to require the world's largest retailer to pay workers a living wage. The case highlights some of the difficulties — and opportunities — big-box stores sometimes face entering urban markets.

Unlikely Allies Shake Up Military Sex Assault Debate

By signing on to liberal Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's bill to remake the military justice system, conservative Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have aggravated some in their party.

Investigation Reveals A Military Payroll Rife With Glitches

A new investigative report from Reuters special enterprise correspondent Scot Paltrow details how the antiquated and error-ridden payroll system for the U.S. military is erroneously cutting soldiers' paychecks and causing terrible hardship.

'Dear George Zimmerman' Letter Hits Home With Many

Though he was found not guilty of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is "now going to feel what it's like to be a black man in America," writes a young African-American in a Facebook post that's gone viral.

3 Reasons The Senate Didn't Go Nuclear

Forced to choose between a tyranny of the majority or a tyranny of the minority, the Senate went with custom and chose the latter.

Baseball League Creates 'Islands' Of Refuge For Camden Kids

Bryan Morton and the North Camden Little League are trying to revitalize one of the most drug-ridden parts of Camden, N.J., through baseball. The league offers a safe after-school activity and an escape for children in Camden.

Florida Man Who Woke Up Speaking Swedish Is ID'd By Sister

After being found unconscious, Michael Boatwright awakened to insist that his name is Johan Ek. And he couldn't speak English. Investigators pieced together some of his background and now a sister has talked about him. "He's always been just a wanderer," she says.

A Bedding Innovation For People Who Hate Making Their Beds

In this installment of our Weekly Innovation series, a bedding set that promises to solve the problem of having to realign or untangle bunched up sheets in the morning. The designers of Smart Bedding say it's a daily timesaver.

The Family That Tweets Together Stays Together

Many parents consider teenagers' social media lives to be a dark, mysterious void. But parents who are connected to their children on Facebook and Twitter are more likely to have strong ties in real life, a study finds.