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The Big Stink: D.C.'s Corpse Flower Put On A Show

The gigantic flower known as the "corpse flower" gives off a pungent odor of rotting flesh. Crowds to the U.S. Botanic Garden missed the nocturnal scent but still ogled at the pistachio-colored bloom.

Anthony Weiner Acknowledges More Inappropriate Messages

According to a "nightlife" website, Weiner sexted with an unidentified woman about a year after he resigned from Congress. Weiner is currently trying to revive his political career with a run for New York City mayor.

After Braun's Suspension, Is A-Rod Next At Bat?

Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun has accepted a 65-game suspension because of the evidence linking him to a Miami-area clinic that allegedly sold performance-enhancing drugs. The Yankees' Alex Rodriguez and other players have also been tied to that clinic.

Budgeting 101

Financial advisors say budgeting is essential to achieving financial prosperity. Yet only 1 in 3 Americans have a detailed budget, according to a recent poll. Host Michel Martin speaks with finance expert Louis Barajas for tips on how to build a budget that actually works.

Are African-American Men 'Invisible?'

President Obama recently called on the nation to rally around young African-American men. But is that easier said than done? Host Michel Martin asks a panel of dads.

Part-Time Work On The Rise, But Is That A Good Thing?

The number of part-time workers has roughly doubled in the last few years. For most of those employees, that means short hours, erratic schedules and low pay. Host Michel Martin talks with NPR's Marilyn Geewax, and fast-food worker Amere Graham, about the high costs of part-time work.

MUST-SEE VIDEO: 'Whales Almost Eat Divers'

Off the coast of central California over the weekend, two divers were in the water when a pair of humpback whales surfaced just feet away. The huge creatures were feeding on small fish and experts say the two divers are lucky they weren't injured.

Hearing Tuesday For Trooper Who Released Tsarnaev Photos

Sgt. Sean Murphy released photos of the Boston bombings suspect because he was angry about the image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that Rolling Stone put on its cover. He faces disciplinary action, though, for distributing the photos without permission.

LaGuardia Back Online After Southwest Accident

Monday's hard landing of a Southwest jet caused only a handful of injuries and created air traffic delays immediately afterward. But by early Tuesday it was the weather — not the landing gear mishap — that was affecting flights into New York City.

Political Reporters Hit The (Bike) Trail In Iowa

David Greene speaks with NPR's Don Gonyea, Scott Horsley and Brian Naylor about The Des Moines Register's Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. The three reporters are riding in the event, also known as RAGBRAI, to explore the Iowa they didn't see on the presidential campaign trail.