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'Giving Tuesday': The Start Of A Holiday Tradition?

A coalition of more than 1,400 charities is launching Giving Tuesday to jump-start end-of-year giving. They're taking off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to motivate donors at a time when the outlook for giving remains lackluster.

Disaster Donations Surge, But What About Tomorrow?

In a period of just nine days following Superstorm Sandy, $740 million was donated for relief efforts. It was an unprecedented level of giving. But in past disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the money dried up after the early donations. The key may be planning for the long haul.

Gay Wedding Was A Trial For The Reformed Church

Norman Kansfield was tried by the Reformed Church and found guilty of disobeying church law after officiating his daughter's same-sex wedding. It was the first trial in the church's history and it illuminated the divide among members on same-sex marriage issues.

Brotherly Bonds Withstand Tragedy Of War

Dr. Najeeb Hanoudi, an Iraqi ophthalmologist, befriended the Desert Rogues, an infantry unit, in 2003. Even his son's tragic shooting at the hands of an American soldier never broke his bonds with his "brothers."

Hollywood Paper Apologizes For '47 Blacklist Support

Host Rachel Martin speaks to W.R. Wilkerson III about the infamous 1947 Hollywood Blacklist. Wilkerson is the son of Billy Wilkerson, who was publisher of The Hollywood Reporter from 1930 to 1962 and supported the blacklist through the trade paper. Wilkerson III has written a formal apology for his father's role in the controversy 65 years later.

Why The Fiscal Cliff Matters To The Middle East

In truth, nobody knows whether the U.S. will indeed go hurtling over the fiscal cliff into recession, or inch back from the edge of the precipice. Since all economies are linked globally, host Rachel Martin speaks with Borzou Daragahi, the Middle East bureau chief for The Financial Times, about how that region views the U.S. negotiations.