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Biden's Gun Violence Recommendations Could Include Expanded Background Checks

The Obama administration says it's looking at all the possible options for preventing future acts of gun violence. The White House can do some things on its own through executive action, but other proposals will have to wait on Congress.

Obama's Treasury Secretary Nomination Reflective Of His Second Term Priorities

President Obama announced his nomination of Jack Lew as the new secretary of Treasury. Lew has been the president's third and — by some accounts — most successful chief of staff.

Sheriff: Small Database Limits Effectiveness Of Background Checks For Gun Buys

Minneapolis Sheriff Richard Stanek is one of the law enforcement officials who met with Vice President Joe Biden recently to talk about gun violence prevention. Audie Cornish talks with him about the meeting and what he thinks ought to be done.

Mystery In Lottery Winner's Death May Lead To Exhumation

A small-business owner in Chicago won $1 million in July, but ended up dead before he could cash in his winnings. At first, authorities said the man died of natural causes, but later they said it was cyanide poisoning. Officials hope an autopsy can help provide more answers.

Estimated Costs Drive Debate As Florida Weighs Medicaid Expansion

Gov. Rick Scott says he's concerned about how much expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act would cost. But after he was charged with exaggerating, his administration released a new study with much lower estimates.

Experience Trumps Hope In Obama's 2nd-Term Cabinet Selections

A hard reality any re-elected president must face is that there are only so many people who have the president's confidence, experience to run a Cabinet department, personal backgrounds that can withstand vetting, and are politically acceptable to the opposition party.

Agreed, Baby Pandas Are Cute. But Why?

Xiao Liwu made his public debut Thursday at the San Diego Zoo. As fans crowded around the exhibit, hoping to catch a glimpse of the 5-month-old giant panda cub, we asked the question that perhaps needs no asking. Scientists offer some clues.