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GOP Congressman: 'Constitutional Crisis' If Obama Bucks Vote

Now that the president has consulted with Congress on military action in Syria, he must abide by its vote, says a House Foreign Affairs Committee Republican who backs limited strikes.

Feds Asked Yahoo For Data 12,444 Times In First Half Of Year

Joining other browers and social media sites, Yahoo issues a "transparency report" about the number of requests it gets for users data.

Turns Out Your Kids Really Did Love That Music You Played

Music evokes strong memories. That's true not just for the music of your generation, but what your parents listened to, too, a study says. Researchers found a strong "reminiscence bump" for music of the early 1980s in people in their early 20s.

Tech Week That Was: Encryption Disrupted; Anonymity Online

In a busy week to start September, Microsoft buys Nokia, another set of revelations comes out about government monitoring and Jeff Bezos goes to Washington.

Did The NAACP Learn Anything From Meeting With The KKK?

When local NAACP leaders in Wyoming set up a meeting with a representative from the KKK, they weren't sure what would happen. Tell Me More host Michel Martin speaks with journalist Jeremy Fugleberg, who attended this historic meeting.

Quick Question: Can Only The Rich Be President?

There is a history of well-heeled commanders in chief. "I still think it is possible for a person of modest means to become president — if the conditions are just right," one presidential historian says. "But wealth has always been a major qualifying factor for the presidency."

Republicans Divided Over Potential Strike On Syria

Republican congressional leaders support an American military strike in Syria, but the rank-and-file membership is divided. GOP Congressmen Doug Collins of Georgia and Luke Messer of Indiana serve on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. They talk about the debate in the Republican caucus.

Five Years After Wall Street Collapsed, What's Changed?

September 2008 was one of the most shocking months in Wall Street's history. Lehman Brothers, AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac all fell from grace, and the stock market fell off a cliff. Five years later, host Michel Martin talks to Michael Fletcher of the Washington Post about whether anything has changed.

Gearing Up For Football Season

The Barbershop guys are talking football. Plus, they chat about the dust-up between New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and a bakery customer. Did Weiner win back some street cred or act like a jerk - again?

Did The NAACP Learn Anything From Meeting With The Klan?

Two groups you'd never expect to sit down together and talk: the NAACP and the KKK. But when the NAACP in Wyoming asked for a meeting, they got one. Journalist Jeremy Fugleberg was there, and tells host Michel Martin more about the historic and bizarre event.