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Zimmerman Juror Says He 'Got Away With Murder'

Another juror in the George Zimmerman case is speaking out. A woman identified as Maddy is telling ABC News that Zimmerman "got away with murder" in killing teen Trayvon Martin.

5 Men Accused Of Stealing Credit, Debit Card Numbers

U.S. attorneys in New York and New Jersey unsealed indictments Thursday against five men accused of hacking the computer networks of several major corporations. Prosecutors allege the men — four Russians and a Ukrainian — stole hundreds of millions of dollars and some 160 million credit and debit card numbers.

For A Young Paramedic, Saving A Life Meant A Lifelong Bond

It's been more than two decades since paramedic Rowan Allen saved a young boy from a severe road accident. Rowan's care for Bryan at the roadside and in the months that followed inspired Bryan's mother to become a nurse — and established a bond that still connects all three of them.

The Reply To Email Overload? Prioritize — Or Turn It Off

In this age of digital overload, we're forced to pay "continuous partial attention" to the world around us. The problem of too much email is so prevalent that a Wall Street titan is using it as his legal defense. Experts offer tips on dealing with the email onslaught.

Why The Justice Department's Eyes Are Upon Texas

In the war over the right to vote in the U.S., the Justice Department's choice of Texas as the battleground for its first legal action following the Supreme Court's weakening of the Voting Rights Act has a feeling of inevitability.

For Holder, An Intersection Of The Personal And Political

Just before opening a new front in the debate over the Voting Rights Act, Attorney General Eric Holder attended a Washington event about a topic that hit close to home.

Holder Seeks Continued Oversight Of Texas Election Laws

The attorney general says Justice wants continued authority over Texas election law despite a Supreme Court ruling last month striking down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

After Zimmerman Verdict, Activists Face A New, Tougher Fight

Activists who organized around the Trayvon Martin case are trying to marshal the energy to take on "stand your ground" laws. It's likely to be an especially difficult challenge.

U.S. Carmakers Are Riding High, But Detroit May Not Feel It

The domestic auto industry has been making a strong comeback, but that recovery hasn't necessarily benefited beleaguered Detroit. There's only one auto plant still doing high-volume production inside the city limits, and much of the Big Three's manufacturing has shifted away from Michigan.

North Carolina Set To Compensate Forced Sterilization Victims

An estimated 7,600 people in the state underwent the involuntary procedure between 1929 and 1974, when the eugenics program was discontinued.