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Woodward: White House Dislikes Being 'Challenged Or Crossed'

The Washington Post journalist says he never characterized the White House as threatening him over a story on sequestration.

'Harlem Shake' On A Plane Has FAA Investigating; See The Video

Colorado College's ultimate frisbee team convinced the crew on a Frontier Airlines flight to let them make a video. But seeing the students and other passengers dancing in the aisles has the FAA asking questions about whether safety procedures were followed.

Sinkhole Swallows Sleeping Man In Florida

The hole opened up under a home's bedroom in Tampa. Two men, brothers, were in the house. One tried to save the other, but wasn't able to keep him from being dragged down into the now 100-foot wide hole. It's feared that the man is dead.

Deja Vu All Over Again As 'Sequester' Deadline Looms

Once again lawmakers are up against a deadline. This time, it looks like they won't strike some sort of deal. That means about $85 billion worth of spending cuts will start to spread across many federal agencies.

Why Republicans Are Out Of Step With Young Voters

Young voters overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama in each of the past two presidential elections. Making sure they don't vote Democratic again is a top priority for national Republicans. Some young conservatives offer their ideas about what the GOP needs to do to win over their generation.

Stay-At-Home Workers Defend Choice After Yahoo Ban

Yahoo's telecommuting ban may be just what that company needs in a time of crisis. But some stay-at-home workers resent the implication that they are slacking off when the boss can't see them. Should society resurrect all the barriers between work and home?

Administration Asks Supreme Court To End Calif. Gay-Marriage Ban

The case before the court tests the constitutionality of a California referendum, narrowly passed by voters in 2008, that reinstituted a ban on gay marriage. The U.S. is calling on the court to declare the California law unconstitutional, a violation of the principle of equal protection.

Sacrificing Sleep Makes For Run-Down Teens — And Parents

Getting enough sleep is as crucial as eating well and exercising. But with family life spinning faster and faster, solid shut-eye is sometimes hard to come by. That can hurt kids' health — and increase their weight.