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Progressive Democrats Doubt Syria Strategy

Host Michel Martin hears from two members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus about why they're reluctant to approve a U.S. strike on Syria. She's joined by Representative Barbara Lee of California and Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland.

Parents' Harsh Words Might Make Teen Behaviors Worse

Lots of parents yell at their teenagers, but harsh verbal punishment is associated with more bad behavior on the part of the kid. Research shows that yelling is ineffective for changing behavior. A step back and a deep breath may be better options.

It's A Girl! New Panda Is Doing Fine, National Zoo Says

It's taken about two weeks for tests to confirm the cub's gender. She was born Aug. 23 had is said to have a healthy, "fat little belly." As for her name, that won't be chosen until around Thanksgiving.

Presidential Hopefuls Stake Out Syria Positions

Voting for or against military action has proven to have long-lasting political consequences for politicians angling for the highest office in the land. Here's what potential 2016 presidential candidates have had to say on Syria.

Patient Not Amused At Drawings On Her Face

When a hospital employee at California's Torrance Memorial Medical Center checked in for treatment, an anesthesiologist allegedly drew a mustache and teardrops on her face. The doctor faces an investigation and a lawsuit, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Which Bad Syria Option Do You Prefer?

President Obama has kept his distance from the Syrian civil war for the last two years. Now a major debate is under way and none of the choices looks appealing. So you decide.

Politicians Exposed: Weiner Shouts, Haley Locked Out

A video is circulating of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner engaged in an ugly shouting match in a Brooklyn bakery. Not on tape, is S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley who was locked out of the governor's mansion dressed in a robe.

The Syria Vote: A Guide To The Congressional Factions

When it comes to military action against Syria, members of Congress are divided by factions rather than party lines. That means the president still has a long way to go to assemble enough votes for a majority.

Lawmakers Struggle With Wording Of Syria Resolution

Congress is trying to fashion language that would restrict U.S. involvement in Syria from escalating. But lawmakers often find it uncomfortable to rein in the commander in chief once U.S. forces have been committed.

What Should Be On New FBI Director's To-Do List?

For the first time in years, there's new leadership at the FBI. Attorney General Eric Holder conducted the swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday. While Jim Comey starts his job Thursday, he's been working to get ready for years — preparing for threats ranging from terrorist bombings to cyber attacks.