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Birmingham Church Bombing Victims Honored By Congress

The four girls killed in the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church will posthumously receive the Congressional Gold Medal on Tuesday.

Dust Bowl Worries Swirl Up As Shelterbelt Buckles

When the swirling, howling winds of the 1930s Dust Bowl gobbled up farmland from Texas to the Dakotas, the federal government planted 100 million trees to act like a giant windbreak. It worked. But now, after years of drought, those old trees are dying.

Senate Waits On Possible Diplomatic Solution In Syria

The U.S. and its allies await details of Russia's proposal to place Syria's chemical weapons arsenal under UN supervision. Meanwhile, senior Obama administration officials are continuing to press for congressional approval of a potential military strike against the Bashar al-Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons in August.

Health Insurance Ads Range From Weighty To Whimsical

States are taking very different marketing tacks to get residents to sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In their own ways, they're trying hard to make insurance appealing to uninsured young people.

Even When Told True Risks, Kids Often Misjudge Them

Ask a 9-year-old how likely it is that his bike will be stolen, and he'll probably lowball the risks — even after you tell him the odds. Researchers say children and teens aren't very good at applying data about on dangers, which may explain their seemingly irrational decision-making.

Used-Car Impresario Cal Worthington Dies At Age 92

Cal Worthington, a man whose used-car ads rose to the level of a cultural phenomenon, has died at age 92. He was a fixture on televisions in California for decades, with zany sales pitches that drew both customers and fame.

New York Man Killed By Attacker In Possible Hate Crime

The possibly disturbed attacker said he was going to "punch the next white person he saw," witnesses said.

U.S. Defends Warrantless Searches Of Electronic Devices At Border

Documents released this week show how U.S. border agents can seize laptops, cameras, cellphones and other digital devices, then download data before returning them. The practice raises questions about invasions of privacy and civil liberties.

A Viewer's Guide To Obama's Syria Speech

The president's prime-time speech Tuesday is probably his last, best chance to win support for his plan to launch a military strike against Syria.

New Survey Gives U.S., U.K. Universities Top Rankings

MIT, Harvard and the U.K.'s University of Cambridge dominated the top of the QS World University Rankings for a third straight year.