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Rouge Jumpers Parachute From Top Of Chicago's Trump Tower

Three people are thought to have parachuted off of the building.

Group That Claimed To 'Cure' Gays Disbands, Leader Apologizes

Exodus International, the Evangelical Christian ministry that sought to change the sexual orientation of gays and lesbians has announced it is shutting down. The move came directly after the group's president issued an apology to the gay community for being part of a "system of ignorance" that hurt the LGBT community.

Farm Bill Meets Surprise Defeat In U.S. House

The U.S. House defeated its version of the farm bill this afternoon. The bill would have cut the food stamps program and transformed subsidies for farmers from direct payments to crop insurance premium support. But Republicans lost 60 of their own members who voted no, along with most Democrats.

Supreme Court: Provision In AIDS Law Violates Free Speech

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government cannot force private health organizations to denounce prostitution to get money to fight HIV/AIDS overseas.

Stock Market Falls Again After Federal Reserve Announcement

The stock market fell again on Thursday, a day after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke outlined plans to phase out the Fed's stimulative bond-buying program. The Dow was down 350 points in late afternoon trading.

Chef Paula Deen Under Fire After Admitting To Racial Slurs

A lawsuit accuses Southern chef Paula Dean of using racial slurs in the workplace. Deen says she has used a slur regarding African-Americans, but not in a long time. The case is bringing out some surprising admissions.

Game 7 Among Most Anticipated NBA Game In Decades

It's Christmas for pro basketball fans — game 7 of the NBA Finals is Thursday night. And, after an epic, draining game 6, the match up between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs has put everyone, from casual observers and the stats geeks, in a tizzy.

White House Plans Major New Push On Climate Change

Since his reelection, President Obama has talked a lot about the importance of addressing climate change and promised action. Environmentalists have criticized him for not doing more to confront the issue. In the coming weeks he'll announce a new agenda promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Immigration Bill Breaks Through Stall With Security Compromise

Senators have reached a deal to build 700 miles of border fence along the Mexican border and increase patrols. The agreement could deliver a big, bipartisan vote to pass an immigration overhaul.

NSA Reportedly Allowed To Keep Some Domestic Communications

The Guardian newspaper says that in 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on an NSA policy allowing the agency to retain "inadvertently acquired" data on U.S. citizens and residents.