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NSA Director Speaks At Hacker Conference With Mixed Reviews

Gen. Keith Alexander, head of the National Security Agency, spoke Wednesday at Black Hat, a hackers conference in Las Vegas.

Former Chicago Mayor Lends A Hand To Ailing Gary, Ind.

After more than 20 years as Chicago's Mayor, Richard Daley is working with the new Mayor of Gary, Ind., to try to revitalize that rust belt city. Daley is a senior fellow at the University of Chicago and his students are also helping in the transformation effort.

Man Forgotten In Windowless Cell Awarded $4 Million

A young man whom the Drug Enforcement Administration left in a windowless holding cell without water or food for several days settled a lawsuit against the Justice Department on Tuesday for more than $4 million. Audie Cornish spoke to the man, whose name is Daniel Chong, in May 2012.

Better GDP Report Doesn't Mean Economy Is In Good Shape

The economy grew at an annual rate of 1.7 percent in the second quarter. That's better than most analysts expected, but far below the historical average. Federal Reserve policymakers meeting in Washington decided to leave interest rates alone and kept plans to begin phasing out a stimulus program later this year if the economy holds up well.

Obama Makes Rare Trip To The Hill For Closed-Door Meetings

President Obama made a rare journey to Capitol Hill on Wednesday morning for closed-door meetings with House and Senate Democrats.

White House Declassifies Documents To Justify NSA Program

The Obama administration declassified a series of documents in an effort to justify data collection efforts by the National Security Agency on Wednesday. The move may be an effort to get ahead of efforts in Congress to limit the government's ability to gather information about telephone and Internet communications. Also on Wednesday, The Guardian newspaper leaked more information from former contractor Edward Snowden, showing how vast the U.S. governments abilities are.

For One Seniors Basketball Team, The Game Never Gets Old

At the National Senior Games, the women who make up She-Ca-Go, a team in the 75-to-79 age division, are still in it for the camaraderie and competition. The games finish a two-week run in Cleveland on Thursday.

For The Love Of Beer: How Empty Cans Made A House A Home

John Milkovisch's ambitions started out simple: build a place to enjoy a cold one. Throughout the 1960s and '70s, Milkovisch amassed thousands of empty beer cans, which he eventually put to use on his house in Houston.

Immigration Program Fails To Attract Eligible Applicants

Immigrants who dropped out of high school are eligible for the Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals program simply by participating in a GED program or taking other classes. The new federal program offers young undocumented immigrants temporary legal status and protection from deportation.

Potential Treatment For Snakebites Leads To A Paralyzing Test

Many people who die of venomous snakebites never make it to a hospital. A San Francisco doctor came up with what he thinks may be a workaround to save those lives. But he had to test it first.