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NYC Tabloids Go Gaga Over Naughty Pols

Two New York pols felled by sex scandals, Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, are back. And no one is more excited than the city's scrappy, pun-loving tabloids, which are pummeling them nearly every day.

Age Hasn't Stopped This Man From Swimming — And Winning

Swimmer Graham Johnston, who's in his 80s now, is competing in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland. He's been swimming all his life, including competing at the 1952 Olympics for his home country of South Africa. Even at his age, he still trains five to six times a week.

McConnell's Kentucky Challenger Gets Her Act Together

Maybe Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Kentucky Democrat who hopes to unseat Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, is ready for prime time after all.

In Closing Arguments, Defense Argues Manning Is A Whistleblower

Pfc. Bradley Manning, argued the defense, released classified information in an attempt to spark debate about things he found troubling about war and American diplomacy.

Dying 'Simpsons' Co-Creator Will Give His Fortune To Charity

Sam Simon earns tens of millions of dollars a year in royalties. Diagnosed with colon cancer, he's been told he has less than six months to live. The writer and producer has decided his fortune will go to causes he supports.

If It Crawls, It's Canned: Eating In The Alaskan Wilderness

On Alaska's Prince of Wales Island, where a latte costs $6 and a fresh watermelon runs $15, canning is a survival skill. Locals aren't shy about preserving the fat of the land — from salmon to seals to bears and some vegetarian treats, too — in a jar.

Should Congress Stop 'Drawing Lines In The Sand'?

Guest host Celeste Headlee gets a wrap of the week's political news with journalist Callie Crossley and conservative commentator Lenny McAllister. They talk about President Obama's push to get the economy back on track, and the battle over the President's health care law.

What's On The National Urban League's Agenda This Year?

Jobs are the focus of this year's National Urban League Conference in Philadelphia. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with President and CEO Marc Morial, about how the League has progressed on that front, and asks about the biggest issues facing African-Americans today.

Can Race, Immigration Status Help Predict Child Well-being?

The well-being of kids in America may be tied to their race and the immigrant status of their parents. Donald Hernandez talks about the Foundation for Child Development's new report with guest host Celeste Headlee.

Have New Yorkers Seen Too Much Of Anthony Weiner?

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has apologized for 'sexting' again, and he vows to move forward. The Barbershop guys ask whether he should step back from politics, and they weigh in on other news of the week.