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Housing Recovery Offers Little Comfort To Family Whose Home Is Underwater

The steady stream of good news about the recovering housing market isn't without its limits. Thad Salter and his family live in the Phoenix suburb of Maricopa since moving from California in 2006. He's seen his home drop in value by more than half and has been underemployed as an human resources professional since 2008. NPR's Ted Robbins reports that, for the Salters, the housing news isn't as good as reports in the housing industry would suggest.

In Florida, It's David Versus Goliath In NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is back in action on Friday. The Cinderella squad, Florida Gulf Coast University, hits the court against its long dominant in-state rival: the University of Florida. UF knows about post-season success. It won the men's basketball national championship in 2006 and 2007.

New Gas Rules Aim To Clean Up Car Emissions

The EPA is proposing regulations for lower-sulfur gasoline. It says that will reduce smog — leading to reductions in illnesses and death related to dirty air. Some GOP lawmakers oppose the rules because the price of a gallon of gas would rise — some experts say by a penny, others by more.

Boehner Blasts Veteran GOP Lawmaker For 'Wetbacks' Comment

House Speaker John Boehner condemned the use of the term by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, one of the most senior Republicans in Congress. Young's comment, his quick apology, and Boehner's statement come at a particularly sensitive time for the GOP in its relationship with Hispanic voters.

Creating Church Music: You've Got To Feel It

Earnestine Rodgers Robinson had no formal musical training. So when she volunteered to plan an Easter church program, she didn't realize it would lead to a successful career composing classical music. She talks to guest host Celeste Headlee about her life's work.

Should Adam Be Allowed To Marry Steve?

The Supreme Court heard arguments over same-sex marriage this week, and the Barbershop guys have their own arguments to offer. Guest host Celeste Headlee checks in with culture critic Jimi Izrael, sports writer Pablo Torre, Kai Wright of, and Republican strategist R. Clarke Cooper.

Spicing Up Your Easter Or Passover Meal

Passover and Easter are important times for faith and family, but they're also big occasions for food. Guest host Celeste Headlee is joined by Mexican chef Pati Jinich to help add some spice to your holiday table.

Oklahoma Dentist May Have Exposed Thousands To Disease

Some 7,000 patients of a Tulsa-area dentist are being urged to get screened for hepatitis and HIV. Health investigators say they found rusty instruments in use and evidence of unsanitary practices.

Russia Calls On U.S., North Korea To Step Back From The Brink

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's remarks follow a week of tense rhetoric and tit-for-tat military moves between the two sides.