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Obama Prepares For Speech On Syria

On Tuesday night, President Obama will address the nation — asking for support of his plan to punish the Syrian regime for a chemical weapons attack near Damascus last month. The president must deal with widespread skepticism about his plan.

New York's Gun Control Law Gets Even More Controversial

New York adopted one of the toughest gun control laws in the U.S. — banning the sale of assault rifles and banana clips. Many of the state's county sheriffs hate the law and some say they won't enforce it. The fight over gun rights and gun safety has become a hot issue in sheriff races, as local law enforcement officials seek re-election in rural counties.

Colo. Voters To Decide 2 Lawmakers' Fate In Recall Elections

Two prominent Democratic state senators in Colorado could lose their jobs because of gun control legislation. Gun rights advocates collected enough signatures to force the recall vote. The elections have attracted donations from major players across the country.

Remembering A 'Brave,' 'Lucky' Hero In The War Of 1812

That war gave us our national anthem and a stable border with Canada, but otherwise, not much is remembered about that conflict nowadays. This changed over Labor Day when the largest sailing re-enactment ever attempted in the U.S. marked the anniversary of a remarkable victory in that war.

Congress Honors Victims Of Infamous Alabama Church Bombing

The Congressional Gold Medals for Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson and Cynthia Wesley come 50 years after the black girls were killed by a Ku Klux Klan bomb. Just as the federal recognition is long in coming, so was justice.

School Districts Struggle To Get Principals To Stay Put

As the school year begins, many principals are leading their schools for the first time. Keeping principals is a problem in many schools, and high-poverty, urban districts often have particularly high rates of turnover. Some experts say that revolving door can hurt student achievement.

Smartwatch Is Next Step In 'Quantified Self' Life-Logging

Smartwatches are capturing imaginations because of what they can measure about their wearers. A watch touches your skin, so it can take your pulse, measure your temperature and record the quality of your sleep.

Constituent Mailbag: A Deluge Of Opposition To Syria Strikes

Calls and emails to congressional offices have been close to unanimously negative. The latest polls show solid majorities of Americans opposed. With feelings running so high, many politicians are wary of offering support for military strikes on Syria.

NYC Mayoral Candidates Make Final Push Before Primary

The candidates for New York City mayor were out in force on Monday, one day before primary voters go the polls to choose candidates for the general election.

Sen. Susan Collins Wary Of U.S. Military Strike In Syria

Robert Siegel talks with Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine who remains undecided on whether the U.S. should go forward on military action in Syria despite several high level briefings including a small dinner at Vice President Joe Biden's residence on Sunday night.