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Two Brothers Remember Lives Spent With Liberty

Paul and James Bizzaro spent their childhoods living in a house right behind the Statue of Liberty. Their family moved to Liberty Island 75 years ago, not long after their father became a guard at the statue. Lady Liberty was their playground. And their father kept her torch lit for 36 years.

Seniors Flex Creative Muscles In Retirement Arts Colonies

Some famous writers, painters and musicians have done some of their best work in their later years. But at a pair of retirement communities in California, older people are proving that you don't have to be famous — or even a professional artist — to live a creatively fulfilling life in old age.

Deen Parts With Agent After Racial Slur Fallout

Paula Deen announced Thursday that she has cut business ties with the agent who helped make her a Food Network star. Her media and merchandising empire has largely crumbled following her admission that she used racial slurs in the past.

New Housing Project In Philadelphia Aims To Attract Teachers

Budget cuts and layoffs are hitting teachers in Philadelphia. But the city and a local developer are hoping to offer some relief: a housing project designed for them. At a similar project in Baltimore, having fellow teachers as neighbors brings support and camaraderie after a tough day at work.

The Statue Of Liberty Reopens

The Statue of Liberty reopens July 4, for the first time since Hurricane Sandy damaged the statue's pedestal and flooded park service offices. We look at what it took to reopen the iconic statue — and why nearby Ellis Island remains closed indefinitely.

Ted Cruz And His Texas Electorate At Odds On Immigration

When it comes to selling Texas Latinos on the Republican Party, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz would seem like a natural. But even though he is the son of a Cuban refugee, Cruz is much closer to his Tea Party supporters' hard line on immigration than he is to the Republicans who are urging a more accommodating position for the sake of the party's future.

A Busy ER Doctor Slows Down To Help Patients Cope With Adversity

For 20 years, Linda Smith was a successful ER doctor. But she started to regret doing painful procedures on patients without having the time to sit down and talk with them. So she became a palliative care doctor, one of a growing number helping people deal with life-threatening illnesses.

Fizz And Fireworks: Make A Patriotic Homemade Soda For The Fourth

Homemade sodas are hot these days: Americans bought more than 1.2 million home carbonators last year. For the Fourth of July, we asked mixologist Gina Chersevani to help us tap into the trend with a soda float inspired by Independence Day.

As Southwest Finally Cools, Southeast Gets Drenched

There's been plenty of extreme weather in recent days. Along with the heat and the rain, there's word that more than a foot of hail fell Wednesday evening on Santa Rosa, N.M.

Zimmerman Trial Takes July 4 Off, Case Resumes Friday

The jury in the George Zimmerman trial will be off for the holiday but they will remain sequestered during the break. Zimmerman is the neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida accused of killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. On Wednesday, a judge ruled that testimony on Zimmerman's criminal justice studies should be allowed.