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IRS Report: Tea Party Groups Weren't The Only Ones Targeted

The "be on the lookout list" used to flag Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny of their tax-exemption applications was not the only one the Internal Revenue Service had been using — there were others, covering a "broad spectrum" of groups and causes, according to an IRS report released Monday.

IRS Chief: No Evidence Of 'Intentional Wrongdoing' So Far

Danny Werfel, the new acting chief of the IRS, said the "be on the lookout" list used to flag Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny wasn't the only list the agency had been using.

Op-Ed: Emerging Labor Movement Is A Presidential Opportunity

Retail and fast-food workers protesting for higher pay are creating a new kind of U.S. labor movement. Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page argues that the president could "set a good example" by requiring fast-food vendors who have contracts with the federal government to pay minimum wage.

For Modern Jurors, Being On A Case Means Being Offline

In simpler times, jurors were told not to discuss their cases with others. But with the proliferation of mobile devices, courts must now contend with Facebook, tweets, texts, instant messaging and Google — all tools that can compromise a juror's impartiality.

Could LeBron and RGIII Help Sell The Affordable Care Act?

Massachusetts got young men to sign up for health insurance by enlisting the Boston Red Sox. Now HHS is angling to repeat that success by getting NFL and NBA stars to help promote federal health insurance exchanges. And if that doesn't work, they might recruit Mom.

New Pro League Tosses Its Disc Into The Frisbee Game

Major League Ultimate, the second professional Ultimate Frisbee league in the U.S., finished its first season on Sunday. But some in the Ultimate Frisbee community say the league's new rules deviate too far from the game's roots.

The Number Of U.S. Children In Poverty Continues To Grow

According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation's annual Kids Count survey, children in the U.S. are experiencing a setback in their economic well-being due to the lingering effects of the recession. However, there have been some improvements.

Update: 'Rusty The Panda' Has Been Found, National Zoo Says

The little guy is safe after spending part of Monday on the lam, zoo officials say. About the size of a house cat and resembling a raccoon, he was spotted in a neighborhood adjacent to the zoo's grounds.

Doctors Say Wait Longer Before Treating Kids' Sinus Infections

It's hard to know when to treat a child's sinus infections with antibiotics. Revised guidelines say it's OK to wait for 13 days to see if the infection goes away on its own. The pediatricians also say children shouldn't get X-rays to diagnose sinus infections after colds.

Race And Admissions: The University Of Texas' Long History

The U.S. Supreme Court sent a case involving the use of race in the University of Texas' admissions process back to a lower court for stricter scrutiny on Monday. Over the years, the University of Texas has been in court more than once over how race is factored into its admissions decisions.