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Brrr! 'Dead Of Winter' Sets In; Coldest Air In Nearly Two Years

In North Dakota it's felt like -51 degrees. Folks in Cleveland woke up today to wind chills of -10 degrees and lower. The frigid air stretches east into New England and south into the mid-Atlantic. Tell us, how cold is it for you?

Hostess Shut Down Curbs Artist's Supplies

When a labor dispute shut down Hostess, the maker of Twinkies, many people rushed out to buy a box. Nancy Peppin bought 12 boxes. Not to eat, but as art supplies. She's confident another company will bring back Twinkies.

Chicago High School Students Cheer Obama's Speech

During every inauguration, there's some degree of hometown pride on display, and President Obama's swearing in was no different. Thousands of inauguration goers, including young people, made their way to Washington, D.C. from the president's adopted hometown of Chicago.

Generations Trek To The Mall To Hear Obama's Speech

Morning Edition's David Greene spent Inauguration Day on the National Mall. He followed three generations of the same family as they attended President Obama's second inauguration.

Republican, Democratic Lawmakers Weigh In On Obama's Speech

When Monday's swearing-in ceremony was over, President Obama had bison and apple pie with members of Congress at the Capitol. When asked about the inaugural address, some lawmakers played it it safe.

Die-Hard Republicans Rankled By Obama's 2nd Term

As Democrats celebrate President Obama's second inauguration, Republicans are girding themselves for another term of what they view as misguided policies.

Rape Survivors: D.C. Police 'Down Play' Their Attacks

A human rights group says police in Washington, D.C. are failing to investigate rapes. The group says about 200 rapes and sexual assaults over three years ending in 2011 were not documented or tracked. Police dispute the claims. The nation's capital is not the only city with such a problem.