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Taliban May Free U.S. POW In Exchange For Senior Operatives

Melissa Block speaks with Jessica Robinson, reporter with the Northwest News Network, about the latest involving U.S. prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured in Afghanistan and has been held for nearly four years now.

Va. Gubernatorial Race Could Preview Congressional Midterms

Republicans and Democrats are looking at this year's race for governor in Virginia as a possible harbinger of the 2014 election. The contest pits Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli against Democratic Party fundraiser Terry McAuliffe. Both candidates are strongly supported by their respective bases, but sport strong negatives among moderate voters. The outcome could come down to turnout.

Is It Ethical? Universities Pay Newspaper For Coverage

The Orange County Register in Southern California recently started devoting weekly sections to local universities, after the paper approached the schools to fund the sections. Critics say it's a breach of ethics, while supporters say journalism needs to find new ways to pay for itself.

Octogenarian Heir To Astor Fortune Begins Prison Term

Anthony Marshall, 89, was ordered to begin serving a one- to three-year prison term on a 2009 conviction for defrauding his famous mother.

James Comey Nominated To Be New FBI Director

The former Justice Department official under President George W. Bush is best-known for thwarting an effort by White House aides to reauthorize a warrantless-wiretapping program.

Report: U.K. Spy Agency Taps Trans-Atlantic Fiber Optic Cables

The Guardian newspaper pins the revelation on more documents leaked by Edward Snowden. The paper says the British government collects a vast amount of information in an indiscriminate manner.

Online Sales Cost Cities And Counties Billions In Taxes, Mayors Say

Among the cities studied, New York City is estimated to have missed out on the most amount of money, at more than $205 million in 2012. The U.S. Mayors' Conference says it's a reason to back the Marketplace Fairness Act; not everyone agrees.

Farm Free Or Die! Maine Towns Rebel Against Food Rules

The Fourth of July is still days away, but in Maine, local food activists have already declared their independence. Ten towns so far have passed laws that essentially say local food producers don't have to abide by state or federal regulations if they are selling directly to consumers. And the revolutionary fervor has reached the statehouse.

FDA OKs Prescription-Free Plan B For All Ages, Ending Battle

The morning-after pill for emergency contraception was first approved by the FDA way back in 1999. Since then, activists have been fighting with two administrations to allow over-the-counter sales to women and teenagers. Now, after a long legal fight, the agency has agreed. We put together a timeline to recap the saga.

Humble Pie And Doughnut Burgers In The Barbershop

The NBA finals, obesity, George Zimmerman's jury, and Paula Deen. It's all up for discussion in the Barbershop. Guest host Celeste Headlee gets the lowdown on the week's news with the Barbershop guys.