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MacGyver Says: Don't Mix Teenage Boys And Homemade Bombs

Making low-power bombs with household chemicals like toilet bowl cleaner may seem like harmless summer fun. Not so, says the CDC. The bombs can cause burns and lung injuries, not to mention a visit from the local hazardous materials squad. Leave the bomb-making to TV hero MacGyver.

Why Slave Labor Still Plagues The Global Food System

As consumers, we are at one end of a food supply chain that sometimes leads back to slavery. A State Department report on human trafficking shows that many farm and food workers around the world are still victims of trafficking and forced labor.

4 Facts You Might Not Have Known About The IRS Scandal

As it turns out, most of the groups flagged by the IRS for extra scrutiny didn't actually have to apply for tax-exempt status.

At A Texas Base, Battling Army's Top Threat: Suicide

Suicide killed more U.S. troops last year than combat in Afghanistan, a trend that's likely to continue this year. The causes and remedies are complicated, but Fort Bliss in Texas has bucked the trend. Suicides have declined there, after implementation of an interactive suicide prevention program.

PTSD Plagues 1 In 4 Survivors Of Stroke

The fear and anxiety of post-traumatic stress disorder can be caused by medical crises like a stroke or heart attack, researchers say. They think that's partly due to the life-threatening medical emergency, and partly due to the chaos of the American health care system.

Justices: Federal Funds Can't Infringe On Nonprofits' Free Speech

The Supreme Court rules that Congress can't make federal funds to nonprofit groups contingent on adopting policies that violate their First Amendment rights.

Baby Saved By Daughter Of Baseball Great Joe Torre

A 1-year-old boy fell out of a window in New York. He was dangling from an awning, then he dropped. Waiting below with open arms was Cristina Torre. Her dad, a former catcher, told the New York Post his daughter always had quick hands.

Lax Education In Humanities, Social Sciences Spark Outcry

A new report argues that humanities and social sciences are as essential to the country's economic and civic future as science and technology. The study by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences was commissioned in 2010 by a bipartisan group of members of Congress. It comes at a time when the value of the liberal arts is being challenged by economic and political forces.

Judge Considers Class Action Status For O'Bannon V. NCAA

A federal judge on Thursday hears arguments over whether a lawsuit against the NCAA should be expanded. The case was brought by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon. He contends the NCAA unfairly benefits from student athletes by forcing them to sign away their licensing rights.

Director Mueller Told Senate Panel FBI Uses Drones

Robert Mueller told a Senate panel on Wednesday that the FBI used drones rarely and for surveillance proposes. The DEA and the ATF had both revealed they possessed drones.