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Senate Votes To End Furloughs For Air Traffic Controllers

The furloughs have been blamed for widespread delays at the nation's airports. The vote late Thursday was unanimous. The House could vote on the measure Friday.

Obama's Bush Library Speech Leaves Iraq And More Unspoken

Imagine having to deliver a tribute for someone you've openly excoriated for years. That was essentially the task President Obama had before him in his speech at the dedication ceremony for former President George W. Bush's presidential library in Dallas.

Texas Town Honors Dead From Fertilizer Plant Blast

Most of the 14 killed in the April 17 explosion were first responders trying to put out the fire and save lives.

Monkeys Also Want To Eat Like The Locals

When monkeys move to a new place, they want to eat what the locals are eating, a new study finds. It's among the first to see strong social behaviors in eating among wild animals.

Why Finding A TB Test Got Hard

Problems at a Canadian factory have caused a shortage of tuberculosis tests in the U.S. Some hospitals and health departments around the country are deferring routing TB testing as a result.

Body Is ID'd As Missing Student Falsely Linked To Bombings

Sunil Tripathi had nothing to with the Boston bombings. He'd actually been missing for a month. But a New York Post front page led to wild speculation on the Web, and for a day or so, he was being called a suspect by some on social media.

White House: Evidence Syria Used Chemical Weapons

The administration has warned Syria against using chemical weapons but does not say how this might change U.S. policy toward the Syrian regime.

Why The Bush Library Won't Make History

As George W. Bush's presidential library opens, supporters of the 43rd president are convinced his reputation will improve. For that to happen, historians say, they need to get a look at the documents that the library houses — and that won't happen anytime soon.

At Bush Library Dedication, Bipartisan Praise

The ceremony brought together five presidents — four former and the current occupant of the White House. George W. Bush's love of country and efforts to help some of the world's poorest people won him high praise.