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More Than Average: Dow Jones Adds The 'Swoosh'

Nike made the leap onto the stock averages index when Hewlett-Packard, Bank of America and Alcoa were dropped because of their low stock prices. Yes, says, commentator Frank Deford, a mere sporting goods company has joined the wealthy elite.

Just What The Doctor Ordered: Med Students Team With Chefs

Tulane medical students are trading in their scrubs for chefs whites. They've teamed up with culinary students at Johnson & Wales University as part of an innovative new program designed to teach both groups how good nutrition can help stave off lifestyle diseases.

Your Kids And Money: Teaching The Value Of A Dollar

What's the point of an allowance? For Ron Lieber, personal finance writer for The New York Times, it's a tool to help teach things like patience, moderation, thrift and generosity. Some parents make kids earn money by doing chores, others give an unconditional allowance. What's your approach?

Judge Orders New Trial In New Orleans Bridge Shooting Case

A judge said five former New Orleans police officers deserve a new trial because of the "grotesque" misconduct of federal prosecutors. The officers were convicted in connection to the shooting deaths of two men in the aftermath of Katrina.

Dad, I'm 'A Massachusetts Liberal'

In a new campaign ad, a congressional candidate makes a difficult admission to his conservative father.

Car Factories Turn Robots And Humans Into Co-Workers

In the past, robots had been seen as being too unsafe to place alongside humans on the assembly line without the benefit of a safety barrier.

Alleged Navy Yard Shooter Got Clearances Despite Troubled Past

Aaron Alexis, who police say killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, had a troubled service record and showed signs of mental instability. But the former Navy reservist's past did not prevent him from obtaining a secret-level security clearance or access card.

William Daley Has Left The Arena

William Daley has long seemed to be most in his comfort zone as the backroom wheeler-dealer, the guy behind the guy who got elected. So in some ways, his decision to quit the Illinois governor's race is no surprise.

Calculated To Win: Supercomputers Power America's Cup

The 2013 America's Cup isn't just about speed demons racing faster than the wind. These days, the 162-year-old international sailing competition is being powered by supercomputers. Tech teams are crunching the numbers to make small changes that mean a big difference in speed.

The Occupy Movement At 2: Many Voices, Many Messages

Demonstrators packed lower Manhattan on Tuesday, two years after the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. While Occupy's prominence has faded since becoming a household name in 2011, its supporters say the group's concerns have helped prompt a national conversation about income inequality.