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Colorado Voters Recall Two Gun Control Backers

This week, voters in Colorado recalled two members of the state Legislature who had supported stricter gun control laws. Host Scott Simon talks to Colorado Senate President John Morse, one of those who lost his seat.

Medea Benjamin's Anti-War Activism: Wearing Pink, Seeing Red

The possibility of U.S. strikes in Syria brought Code Pink protesters to Capitol Hill, holding signs and disrupting the proceedings. Leading them is Medea Benjamin, an anti-war activist who, as it turns out, didn't even like the color pink when she started the group.

For Wounded Vets, Climbing Half Dome Only Half The Mission

This week, a group of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, many with disabilities, marked Sept. 11 by climbing two peaks in Yosemite National Park. Climbing as a team, they say, gives them an opportunity to recapture what they miss about the military: a sense of camaraderie with a shared challenge.

Synthetic Marijuana Prompts Colorado Health Investigation

Colorado has relaxed its marijuana laws, making authentic cannabis easier to come by. Synthetic marijuana that contains man-made chemicals has caused an outbreak of illnesses and hospitalizations across the state.

After Three Months, Ky. Cop's Murder Remains Unsolved

It's been three months, and authorities are no closer to finding out who ambushed and killed a police officer in the idyllic town of Bardstown, Ky. Officer Jason Ellis was attacked on his way home after his shift. Unsolved killings of police are rare and the residents of this close knit community want answers and justice.

As Colorado Floods Continue, Rescuers Help Stranded Evacuate

Rain and flooding continue in Colorado today. Thousands of people have been evacuated and rescue crews are making their way to those stranded in buildings behind impassable roads.

Still Reeling From Sandy, Seaside, N.J. Boardwalk Burns

Nearly a year after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, four blocks along a strip of New Jersey's famous boardwalks have been destroyed by fire. On Friday, firefighters were still dousing smoldering embers and other hotspots from the raging blaze. Gov. Chris Christie said the sight of the damage to iconic businesses along the Seaside boardwalks was sickening.

Vote For The Creature From The Black Lagoon

How do you break out of the pack if you're in a mayoral race with dozens of other candidates? In Minneapolis, one guy filmed an ad that's eye-catching and maybe even a little weird.

Tech Week That Was: Brogrammers, New iPhones, Twitter IPO

Between Apple's announcement, Twitter's announcement and the sexist pronouncements at an industry conference, there's plenty of tech news to catch up on.

Tweeting For Atonement: Sharing Sins On Social Media

People of the Jewish faith are seeking atonement during Yom Kippur, but one congregation is giving the holiday a new twist. Members are using social media to tweet for forgiveness. Host Michel Martin speaks with Cantor Debbi Ballard to find out how the process works.