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Why The IRS Scandal Is Built To Last

Of all the current Washington scandals, the one involving the IRS appears to have the most staying power. It rolls into one package an agency many love to hate, partisan suspicions and the American appetite for conspiracies.

Dozens Injured In Connecticut Train Derailment

Authorities say one train derailed, colliding with a second train near Fairfield.

Obama U: What Graduation Speeches Say About The President

President Obama's commencement speeches often seem more about the big-picture state of the union than do his State of the Union addresses, which read like to-do lists. And his assessment of where the country stands and where it's going has changed over the past four years.

Michigan LGBT Youth Center Does Outreach With A Dance 'Hook'

The Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park, Mich., is making an effort to meet its clients where they are — on the dance floor, specifically with the dance form known as "vogue." From there, the center can connect them with counseling, health services, tutoring and clean clothes.

Boston Bombings Prompt Fresh Look At Unsolved Murders

Authorities are revisiting a triple murder in the Boston suburb of Waltham. One of the victims may have been a friend of bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tsarnaev would sometimes spar at the same mixed martial arts gym where the victim worked as an instructor.

Experts Agree: 'Psychiatry's Bible' Is No Bible

The new version of the DSM, the manual of psychiatric diagnoses, is already sparking criticism. But psychiatrists say it helps make sure they're all on the same page.

Outgoing Acting IRS Director Grilled By House Lawmakers

The House Ways and Means Committee became the first oversight panel in Congress to weigh in on the IRS tax-exempt group controversy on Friday morning.