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Probing Ties Between Mexican Cartel And Chicago's Violence

John Lippert, an investigative reporter for Bloomberg Markets magazine, traced the violence in Chicago back to Mexico. Lippert talks to Steve Inskeep about the impact of the Sinaloa drug cartel's dominance over the drug trade in Chicago and the Midwest.

Shooting At D.C.'s Navy Yard Leaves 12 Workers Dead

A shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. killed 13 people including the shooter. By late Monday, authorities said they were convinced the shooting was the work of a lone gunman, and the lockdown around the area was eased.

Navy Yard Shooter, Aaron Alexis, Killed In Battle With Police

Police say the gunman, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, died after a gun battle inside a building at the Navy Yard on Monday. He was a veteran with a history of gun-related incidents. His last known address was in Fort Worth, Texas.

Washington, D.C. Copes With Navy Yard Tragedy

The deadly shooting rampage at the Navy Yard on Monday happened less than four miles from the White House and two miles from the Capitol. "This is a horrific tragedy," Mayor Vincent Gray said.

JPMorgan To Get Whale Of A Fine For Trading Losses

The fine is reportedly said to be at least $700 million for what authorities say were massive derivative bets made without adequate risk controls in place. The case became known as the "London Whale" owing to the size of the trades made.

For-Profit Online Insurance Brokers Gear Up To Sell Obamacare

For online insurance brokers, selling health insurance through the Affordable Care Act presents a new opportunity — and a new competitor. It's unclear who will come out ahead: the businesses, with more experience, or the feds, who won't charge commissions.

A War Of Tweets Erupts Over Latest Miss America

Following the crowning of Indian-American Nina Davuluri as Miss America on Sunday, some angry Twitter users filled the Internet with racist tweets. But this time, many others fired back.

Alleged Navy Yard Killer A Former Reservist, Authorities Say

The 34-year-old, who reportedly died at the scene, had been less-than-honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve for "misconduct issues" in 2011.

Natural Gas May Be Easier On Climate Than Coal, Despite Methane Leaks

Some scientists have argued that so much gas leaks out during production that it is actually worse for the environment than coal. But a new nationwide study shows that methane leaks from natural gas production aren't as bad as some feared.

Smartphone Boom Fuels A $1 Billion Fantasy Sports Industry

Fantasy sports revenues will reach at least $1 billion this year, and the growth is in lockstep with widening broadband access and the smartphone boom.