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U.S. Pushes Businesses' Health Insurance Deadline To 2015

The Obama administration announced the change Tuesday, citing "ongoing discussions with businesses" about new health insurance requirements in the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare."

Clapper Apologizes For Answer On NSA's Data Collection

When National Intelligence Director James Clapper was asked in March by Sen. Ron Wyden if the NSA collects "any type of data at all on millions, or hundreds of millions of Americans," he answered, "No sir," before adding, "Not wittingly." Clapper says that answer was clearly wrong.

Wildfire Season So Far: Tragic, Destructive And Below Average

So far during the 2013 wildfire season, more than 800 homes and businesses have burned to the ground, nearly 1.6 million acres were scorched and over 23,000 blazes have required suppression. And two dozen firefighters have died. But as dramatic as it's been, the season has yet to kick into high gear.

After DOMA Ruling, Government Scrambles To Adjust

After the Supreme Court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, President Obama ordered federal agencies to revise their rules regarding benefits for same-sex spouses. But that will be simpler for some federal agencies than others.

15-Ton Particle Ring Travels To Chicago By Land And By Sea

A lab in Chicago can produce particles called muons, but it needs an electromagnetic ring on Long Island to produce them. Since the 50-foot ring can't be taken apart or flown over houses, movers drove it to the shoreline and will sail it down the East Coast on a sea barge and up rivers to the Windy City.

Gov. Rick Perry Will Keep Texas Guessing. Until Monday

Gov. Rick Perry is expected to answer the question of whether he'll run for re-election to a fourth term when he meets with supporters Monday.

NASA Has Shut Down Space Telescope Orbiting Earth

Since its launch in 2003, GALEX photographed nebulae and spiral galaxies, and "used its ultraviolet vision to study hundreds of millions of galaxies across 10 billion years of cosmic time," NASA says.

'Hotshot' Firefighters Are Elite, Close-Knit Groups

The 19 firefighters who died in Arizona were part of an elite "Hotshot" group. Kyle Dickman, an editor at Outside Magazine who embedded with one of those units, tells Audie Cornish about how the Hotshots operate and the type of people drawn to this line of work.

Shock Gives Way To Sadness In Deaths Of 19 Firefighters

In Prescott, Ariz., the nearby Yarnell Hill fire was burning uncontrolled on Tuesday. That community is still coming to terms with the loss of 19 firefighters on Sunday.

Obama Campaigners Try To Get Texas Fired Up For Democrats

Veterans of President Obama's presidential campaigns want to challenge Republicans' domination of the state's politics. The group says Texas' shifting demographics — including a fast-growing Hispanic population — combined with an intense grass-roots effort could give them an opening.