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Can Arizona Demand Voters' Proof Of Citizenship?

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard arguments about an Arizona law that requires voters to prove their citizenship before registering. Host Michel Martin discusses that and other voting rights cases with Hans Von Spakovsky of conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, and Spencer Overton of George Washington Law.

Breast-feeding Mothers Living In First Food Deserts

Most people are aware of the positive effects of breast-feeding. But in many areas of the country, breast-feeding is not the cultural norm, and there's little support available for mothers. Host Michel Martin talks with Kimberly Seals Allers, the co-author of a new report on so-called "first food deserts," and a nursing mother, Areti Gourzis.

Norman Francis On 45 Years At Xavier's Helm

Xavier University of Louisiana has a number of distinctions. It is the country's only historically black, Catholic University. Plus, it's one of the leading universities when it comes to sending African-American students on to medical school. And at 45 years, no other university's president has served longer than Xavier's Norman Francis.

Two Steubenville Girls Arrested After Allegedly Threatening Rape Victim

The teenagers allegedly posted threats on Twitter and Facebook. The victim was raped by two high school football players — a crime that drew national and international attention after photos and messages put online by the attackers sparked outrage.

Former Student Planned To Stage Attack At Central Florida University

Police say James Seevakumaran left behind notes about what he hoped to do. But he took his own life instead. A roommate's 911 call and the arrival of police on the scene may have combined to avert a tragedy.

Broncos Cut Player After Missed Contract Deadline

Denver Broncos player Elvis Dumervil agreed to a pay cut but he sent his contract six minutes late. Rather than let a higher pay rate take effect, the Broncos cut him. The player's agent — now fired — says there was a last minute negotiation. Then Dumervil lost time finding a Kinko's to fax his contract.

U.S. Families Forced To Adjust To Women Going Off To War

In today's military, there's a chance that it's the wife and mother who heads off to war, not the husband. That role reversal poses challenges to families and society.