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Years After Historic Ruling, Execution Still A 'Random' Justice

Evan Mandery's A Wild Justice is an account of the legal battles that led to the U.S. Supreme Court striking down capital punishment, then reversing course four years later. He says that today, prisoners who are sentenced to death have a 10 percent chance of actually being executed.

A Hospital Tells Police Where Fights Happen, And Crime Drops

People who show up wounded at a hospital often don't tell police. When a hospital in Cardiff, Wales, shared that information without naming names, the toll of violence dropped, and the city saved $11 million a year on health care and policing. Other British cities are adopting the program.

War On Poverty Still Worth Fighting?

It has been almost 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a "War on Poverty." But more than 15 percent of Americans still lived in poverty last year, according to a new report by the U.S. Census Bureau. Host Michel Martin discusses how the country is tackling poverty today with researcher Isabel Sawhill and economics professor Martha Bailey.

Tom DeLay's Conviction Overturned On Appeal

The former House majority leader, a Republican, was convicted in 2010 for his part in what at the time was judged to be an illegal scheme to funnel money to candidates. But a Texas appeals court has ruled that the state failed to prove its case.

Many Missing People Now Accounted For In Colorado Flooding

Rescuers have reached some of the remote areas affected by floods, as electricity and phones have been restored.

Health Care Costs Are Projected To Outpace Economic Growth

Though the Obama administration says that the nation is entering a new era of lower health care spending, an analysis from the agency that oversees Medicare says probably not. Those economists say that health spending will escalate as the economy improves, as it has in past economic recoveries.

'Wheel Of Misfortune' Tongue Slip Is Potential $1M Mistake

Oregon firefighter Paul Atkinson said "corno" instead of "corner," and it cost him a chance at a big win. Video of his miscue is going viral. He's only mad at himself, Atkinson tells CNN's New Day.

Navy Yard Shootings: Thursday's Headlines

Among the developments being reported Thursday is word that Capitol Hill Police are investigating whether one of their SWAT teams was told to "stand down" even though its members were near the scene.

Lobster Boy Looms Large In Food Stamp Debate

When Fox News featured surfer-slacker Jason Greenslate in a piece about food stamps, Republicans found an irresistible symbol of food stamp freeloading.

Jail In Yonkers, N.Y., Is Put On The Real Estate Market

Officials are asking for $2.5 million for a building that may need renovation, but does have a Hudson River view. The inmates will be moved out on Sunday.