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Ford Lowers Mileage Rating On Its C-Max Hybrid

The car is advertised at 47 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving, but tests have reportedly shown the figure is too high.

2013 Wildfire Season Proving To Be More Mild Than Wild

The number of acres burned this wildfire season is nearly half of what it was this time last year, though the most active period hasn't yet begun in parts of the West. By one tragic measure, however, 2013 has been one of the grimmest seasons in years.

Snooty Swiss Saleswoman Equals Racism?

Oprah Winfrey says racism is alive and well, even at her level. Her purse shopping experience in Switzerland almost set off an international incident; but was it really racism or just a misunderstanding? Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with the beauty shop ladies about this week's hot topics.

Pine Ridge Reservation Lifts Century-Old Alcohol Ban

The South Dakota reservation has voted to allow the sale and use of alcohol, a controversial move that critics say will increase already rampant rates of domestic violence and suicide.

Can Paula Deen Recover (And Who Really Pays If She Doesn't)?

The celebrity chef no longer faces charges of racial discrimination, but her public image has already been battered. That's a problem not only for Deen but for hundreds of workers who make her products. Stars dogged by scandal have always lost endorsement deals; now they can take down entire companies.

Jobless Claims Drop To Pre-Recession Level

Last week, 320,000 Americans applied for jobless benefits. The figure hadn't been that low since October 2007.

Gingrich: Most GOP Lawmakers Have 'Zero' Ideas On Health Care

The former House speaker, who isn't ruling out another bid for the GOP presidential nomination, says his fellow Republicans can't just be negative and "tear down our opponent."

Ohio University Houses Students At Waterpark Resort

Capital University, outside Columbus, was gearing up for the new school year when the administration found itself with a slippery situation. There weren't enough dorm rooms on campus. But a local business dove in with a solution. Thirty students will stay at Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark Resort until space opens up on campus.

Word Usage Heats Up Internet, 'Literally'

Traditionally, literally means something that is strictly true. Google's dictionary, bloggers noticed, says you can also use it for emphasis. Like, "I would literally give my right arm to own a pickup truck." Grammar sticklers claim Google has sided with language traitors and broken the English language.

Auto Industry's Pent-Up Demand Expected To Ease Slowly

The average car on the road these days is more than 11 years old — a historic high. Some analysts say that means there soon will be a surge in car buying. Others are skeptical.