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Weeks Later, IRS Investigation Hasn't Slowed Down

The outrage over the IRS flagging of conservative groups for extra scrutiny as they applied for tax-exempt status has been bipartisan. But the Republican head of the House Oversight Committee has been strategically releasing details from the committee's investigation, leading some to charge he has partisan motives.

'Moral Mondays' Protest Agenda Of N.C. Legislature

In North Carolina, NAACP leaders are planning a seventh week of protests at the state legislature. The demonstrations have grown in size and number of arrests every week since they started back in April. Protest organizers oppose the social, economic and voting policies of the Republican-led General Assembly, and they want lawmakers to take notice. But it's not clear whether legislators will change their policies as a result of the protests.

Immigration Reform Bill Crosses First Hurdle In Senate

The Senate's immigration bill cleared its first hurdles on the floor on Tuesday, winning enough votes for formal consideration. It's unclear whether that level of support will remain after the senators get done amending the overhaul.

ACLU Sues Feds Over Surveillance Program

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the federal government over the National Security Agency's phone and Internet surveillance program.

The Latest In Adventurous Tastings? Prison Food

Prison food gets a bad rap, but a recent tasting at a historic penitentiary showed that prison menus of the past were less predictable and maybe even more nutritious than the institutional-style meals served in most prisons today. Some prisons are returning to scratch cooking, and are opening restaurants to train inmates in food service.