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Is Obama Snubbing Russia?

Was President Obama's cancelled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin a silly snub or smart diplomatic strategy? The Barbershop guys offer a fresh cut on the week's news.

Texans Call For Boycott Of Retailers That Fought Wage Bill

A group is calling on back-to-school shoppers to boycott Macy's and Kroger stores in Texas this weekend, in retaliation for the national retailers' efforts to quash a bill that would have strengthened the state's wage discrimination law.

Why Picking Your Berries For $8,000 A Year Hurts A Lot

Picking berries is hard, sometimes backbreaking work. But consumers rarely consider the physical labor required to deliver them fresh fruits and vegetables. In a new book, a medical anthropologist argues that farmworkers deserve better health care.

Moving On, And Up: Brian Banks, 27, Plays As NFL Rookie

It was just a preseason game, but for Brian Banks, playing for an NFL team Thursday offered a taste of the life he once dreamed of — before he became a convicted felon and lost his chance to go to college, and was finally exonerated.

I Just Killed My Wife, Miami Man's Facebook Page Says

Miami police say Derek Medina has been charged with first-degree murder. The message, and a "gruesome photo" of a woman's body, were on Facebook for more than five hours Thursday. The social media site removed them later in the day.

Verdict Today? Wait Continues At Trial Of 'Whitey' Bulger

Jurors are in the fourth day of deliberations on the fate of the Boston gangster, who is accused in 19 murders.

West Coast Kidnap Suspect May Have Explosives, Police Warn

James Lee DiMaggio is wanted in the disappearance of a 16-year-old girl from Southern California. Her mother's body, and possibly that of her young brother, were found in a burned-out home. Now, police are warning that the suspect may have rigged his vehicle with explosives.

Powerball Jackpot Winners Include 16 N.J. County Workers

Three winning tickets were sold for the $448.4 million jackpot. Of the two bought in New Jersey, one belongs to 16 people from the vehicle maintenance department in Ocean County. They haven't been identified yet. A Minnesota man, though, has stepped forward to claim his share of the prize.

Michigan Family Welcomes 12th Child

Jay and Teri Schwandt just had their 12th child — and it's boy just like his 11 brothers. Little Tucker was nine days late, so they thought he might be a girl. Teri's sister has 10 children - they're all boys.

Kansas City Sandwich Is A 'Hit' With Baseball Teams

Oklahoma Joe's barbecue is a popular spot in Kansas City — especially known for its Z-Man sandwich. The Minnesota Twins ordered 50 Z-Mans on Tuesday, and went on to beat the hometown Royals in a blowout. The next day Oklahoma Joes sent 51 Z-Mans to the Royals. It worked. They beat the Twins 5-2.