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African-American Musicians, More Than Just Jazz

Jazz may be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the contributions African-Americans have made to music. But the Gateways Musical Festival highlights African-Americans' classical past. Guest host Celeste Headlee finds out more.

French Maker Of Military Rafts Gets An American Identity

Zodiac produces most of the inflatable rafts used by the U.S. military. But a California company challenged that contract, saying it violates a requirement that the Defense Department use products made with American material and by U.S. workers. In response, Zodiac set up a factory in Maryland.

Pentagon Details Plan To Extend Benefits To Same-Sex Spouses

The change will mean tens of thousands of dollars in payments to cover things such as health care and housing. The military also will provide leave for service members who must travel for a same-sex marriage.

San Diego's Hooters, Other Businesses Tell Mayor To Stay Away

Democratic Mayor Bob Filner is resisting calls to resign following the accounts of women who say he harassed them. Hooters' locations in the city say "women should be treated with respect" and that Filner's not welcome.

Journalist Jack Germond, One Of The 'Boys On The Bus,' Dies

The longtime political columnist died just as he'd finished writing a political novel titled A Small Story for Page Three. He was 85. Author of Fat Man in the Middle Seat, Germond covered national politics for decades and was a regular panelist for years on The McLaughlin Group.

Bradley Manning Expected To Speak At Sentencing

If he chooses to speak, it will mark the Army private's first public statement since February. Manning has been convicted in the largest leak of classified information in U.S. history.

This Little Thing May Help You Find Your Keys

In this edition of Weekly Innovation, we check out Tile, a stamp-size device that can be attached to any valuable item: a wallet, keys, laptop, even a dog collar. Using Bluetooth 4.0 with an iPhone app, users can find a lost or misplaced item that Tile is attached to.

UPS Plane Crashes Near Birmingham, Ala.; 2 Dead

A UPS cargo plane crashed near the airport in Birmingham, Ala., Wednesday morning. The pilot and co-pilot were both killed.

What Food Should Astronauts Eat On The Way To Mars?

Six researchers have spent months living on a volcano in Hawaii — a lava field that looks a lot like Mars. In fact, they were there to figure out what astronauts could eat on a long voyage to the red planet.

A Postman's 1963 Walk For Justice, Cut Short On An Alabama Road

Before the nation's attention turned to the March on Washington, William Moore was making his own pilgrimage for racial equality. He intended to walk from Tennessee to Jackson, Miss., to ask the Mississippi governor to end segregation — but the Baltimore mail carrier never reached his destination.