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Tempest Over A Teapot: JC Penney Removes 'Hitler' Billboard

After receiving complaints that a billboard ad included an image resembling Adolf Hitler, JC Penney has reportedly taken the sign down. The move comes after images of the billboard in California's Culver City spurred an online controversy. The retailer says any resemblance is unintended.

Chopra Brothers: Separate Paths But Common Bond

Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra both followed in their father's footsteps and became physicians. But while one chose Western medicine, the other took a spiritual approach. Now they've teamed up for a memoir, Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream.

Zimmerman And Martin Attorneys 'Concerned' After Pre-Trial Hearings

Yesterday a Florida judge ruled that attorneys for George Zimmerman — the man accused of killing Trayvon Martin — will not be able to use evidence that could shed a negative light on Martin's character during opening arguments. Host Michel Martin speaks with Rene Stutzman of the Orlando Sentinel about what these rulings mean.

Is Motherhood Killing Wall Street Careers?

Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones sparked a firestorm of debate after he said motherhood was a career killer in his industry. Host Michel Martin discusses the backlash and new information about women in the workplace with the journalists and commentators of the Beauty Shop: NPR's Jennifer Ludden, Time Magazine's Rana Foroohar, and policy analyst Michelle Bernard.

Health Differences May Explain Medicare Spending Variation

Waste and aggressive treatment might not explain Medicare cost variations after all. Differing levels of health by region could account for most of the cost variation, an analysis finds.

Smithfield Foods To Be Sold To Chinese Firm For $4.72 Billion

The makers of Smithfield Ham, an icon on America's culinary scene for decades, are selling the company to Shuanghui International Holdings Limited, for nearly $5 billion in cash. The deal also includes an exchange of debt.

Tuesday's Tornadoes To Be Followed By More Storms Wednesday

The nation's midsection, and parts of the Northeast, are once again bracing for severe weather. There were tornadoes sighted Tuesday in Kansas, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey Says No Thanks To Free Burgers

The man who helped rescue three young women and a little girl from a home where they had apparently been held captive for years wants any help to go to the victims, not him, Ramsey's attorney says.

Moms Are Now Primary Breadwinners In 40 Percent Of Homes

The share of households where a mother is the sole or primary source of income is at a record high. A new Pew Research Center survey of public opinion finds that many Americans remain worried about that trend.

Tea Party Favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann Leaving Congress

The congresswoman says she won't be seeking a fifth term. She does not rule out getting back into politics in the future. In 2012 she made a bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Her fortunes quickly rose and fell.