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Getting Real On Race After Zimmerman Verdict

At the end of a week dominated by news of George Zimmerman's verdict, the Barbershop guys share what strikes them about the case.

'Worst Governors' List Has Suspicious Deep Red Tinge

When Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington issued a report listing 18 governors as the nation's "worst" it immediately raised eyebrows and some partisan ire for its notable tilt — just two were Democrats.

With Home Prices Soaring, Has Success Spoiled San Francisco?

The median home price in San Francisco now exceeds $1 million. With the real estate market going crazy again, prices are going up for other goods, and even the highly paid feel squeezed out.

How Do You Photograph A City's Bankruptcy?

Before Detroit, there was Stockton, Calif. Kirk Crippens says you can't photograph bankruptcy, but that hasn't stopped him from trying.

Pa. City Tries Wild West Auction To Rope In Cash

Harrisburg is auctioning off thousands of items that were supposed to be included in a failed museum — including artifacts said to have ties to Wyatt Earp, Jesse James and Buffalo Bill. City leaders hope the auction will put a dent in Harrisburg's $370 million in debt.

With Filibuster Deal, NLRB Could Soon Return To Full Force

Since the 1930s, the National Labor Relations Board has served as the arbiter for squabbles between management and unions, or workers who wanted to join a union. In recent years, the board itself has become a battleground, but the agency could soon be fully staffed for the first time in a decade.

Grandpa's Story: A Comb, Penknife And Handkerchief

A mother talks to her son about the grandfather he never knew.

How To Fight Racial Bias When It's Silent And Subtle

New research suggests that racial disparities and other biased outcomes in medicine, the criminal justice system, and other areas, can be explained by unconscious attitudes and stereotypes. But how do we get rid of subtle racial biases?

Wildfire Near Palm Springs Is 'National Priority'

The blaze has already consumed about 23,000 acres and has forced 6,000 people to flee. About 3,000 firefighters are on the scene. It's not clear whether the weather in coming days will help or hurt.

New Photos Show 'Real Face' Of Tsarnaev, Police Sgt. Says

The photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that Rolling Stone put on its cover angered Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Sean Murphy and many others. He's given Boston Magazine photos he took the night Tsarnaev was captured. "This guy is evil," Murphy says. "This is the real Boston bomber."