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Do The Data Exist To Make A College-Rating System Work?

President Obama unveiled a plan on Thursday that would, for the first time, tie federal student aid to a new rating system for colleges and universities. The problem is that many of the things the administration wants to measure to rate schools are hard to pin down.

New Activists Harness Memory Of 1963 March On Washington

Events commemorating the March on Washington started Wednesday evening, and got under way in earnest on Thursday.

Detroit's Packard Complex Could Sell Below $100,000 If Deal Fails

The Packard plant, which once symbolized the might of America's auto industry, is at risk of heading to auction if a pending development deal fails. If that happens, The Detroit Free Press reports, the 35-acre site could eventually be sold "for as little as $21,000."

For Strokes, Superfast Treatment Means Better Recovery

A new study says that getting treatment within 90 minutes of a stroke leads to excellent recovery for many people. It's often hard to get treatment that quickly, doctors say. But hospitals and patients really need to try.

How Hospitals Can Help Patients Quit Smoking Before Surgery

Doctors often tell patients to stop smoking before surgery, but precious few help out with that. A hospital in Canada found that just offering a few simple kinds of help was enough to get more people to quit before going under the knife.

King's Dream Is Not Yet Reality, Americans Say In Survey

Fewer than half of Americans say the United States has made substantial progress in treating all races equally, according to a new poll released by the Pew Research Center Thursday.

Colorado Town May Issue Licenses To Shoot Down Drones

No drones have been seen in the skies above Deer Trail, Colo. But one man's mission to send a message to Washington about aerial surveillance is leading to an October vote on whether to sell drone hunting licenses. One problem: Firing at a drone would likely break federal law.

President Unveils Plan To Boost College Affordability

Under the plan, colleges and universities would be rated on their affordability, graduation rates and the success of alumni in the job market. Federal dollars would be directed to those schools that offer "the biggest bang for the buck."

The Lorax Is Home! Statue Taken From Dr. Seuss' Garden Found

Oh, the place he went. It seems that The Lorax statue taken from the family's property in La Jolla, Calif., last year was left in some think bushes in a nearby canyon. A tip to police led to his recovery.

Say What? Jargon Busters Tackle Health Insurance

Getting and using health insurance shouldn't be so hard, say doctors and health literacy specialists who volunteered to come up with a consumer guide that even a seventh grader can understand. It's available just as many people are sizing up new options.