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In The Summer, Univision Is Numero Uno

For three consecutive weeks, the Spanish-language TV network's prime-time ratings have dominated among young adult viewers.

Texas Pit Masters Bask In Moment Of Barbecue Glory

When Dallas barbecue restaurant Pecan Lodge opened three years, there was no line of customers waiting to taste the brisket. But that all changed when Texas Monthly barbecue critic Daniel Vaughn rated the Pecan Lodge barbecue among the very best in the state.

Polls Show Wide Racial Gap On Trayvon Martin Case

With President Obama's remarks on Trayvon Martin serving as a backdrop, two new polls released Monday revealed a wide gap in public opinion.

McConnell's Challenge: Deal-Making Without Fingerprints

Sen. Mitch McConnell's job requires him to make deals with Democrats, something at which he's been especially good. But he may be forced to use proxies like Sen. John McCain because of an expected Tea Party primary challenger to his re-election.

MLB Suspends Brewers Star Ryan Braun

Major League Baseball announced Monday it is suspending Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun for the rest of the season for violating doping policy. Robert Siegel talks with NPR's Tom Goldman about the move.

Lack Of Leaders Puts Strain On Homeland Security Department

Fifteen top posts at the Department of Homeland Security, including retiring Secretary Janet Napolitano's position, are now vacant or soon will be. Many are being filled on a temporary basis, and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle want the Obama administration to get busy filling those jobs, too.

Detroit's Emergency Manager: 'There's Just No Money'

Kevyn Orr tells All Things Considered the crisis was the city's own making, but it doesn't help anyone to look for blame in the past.

Residents Forced To Live Without Landlines

Verizon has taken the first step to replace copper lines with a home cellular connection in coastal areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. But many customers don't like the new phone connection, saying the new technology is inferior to traditional landlines.

Authorities Investigate Possible Serial Murders In Cleveland

Police and FBI in East Cleveland are piecing together information after three bodies were found in trash bags over the weekend. Authorities believe the killings are related, and a man is in custody in connection with the case. Officials say they don't know if there are more bodies to be found in the hardscrabble Cleveland suburb.

Fish Return To A Mining County River

The Cheat River runs through historic mining country in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia. Coal has been an economic boost to the area, but often at a cost to the environment. The Cheat was one such casualty.