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Obamacare: People With Disabilities Face Complex Choices

The Affordable Care Act sets up categories of essential health benefits that insurance plans must cover. Some categories, such as maternity care and drug abuse treatment, are straightforward. But "habilitative services" — including treatments like physical and speech therapy — are much more subjective.

Colorado Vault Is Fort Knox For The World's Seeds

At Colorado State University, billions of seeds and other genetic material sit inside a giant storage vault. They're kept there in case of a loss of plant or animal life on a regional or global scale. But the investigation into GMO wheat in Oregon has raised questions about security at the facility.

A Closer Look At Elon Musk's Much-Hyped Hyperloop

Existing concepts in science like linear induction motors and magnetic levitation are back in the spotlight thanks to Elon Musk's proposal for a rail system that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Of Bison, Birth Control And An Island Off Southern Calif.

A wild herd of bison has been roaming the rugged Santa Catalina Island since the 1920s, when the animals were brought there by a film crew shooting a movie that was never made. With no natural predators, the bison population quickly exploded.

Windsor, Ontario, To Detroit: 'Reset And Come Out Stronger'

When Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection last month, the people in Windsor, which is located directly across the Detroit River, took note. And while Detroit's economic troubles are far deeper than Windsor's, the two cities' economic fortunes are linked.

Patients Can Pay A High Price For ER Convenience

Free-standing emergency rooms, separate from hospitals, are popping up across the country. Many look like urgent-care centers, but the ERs charge much more. Many consumers don't realize the difference until they get the bill.

North Carolina Governor Signs Controversial Voter ID Bill

The measure signed Monday by Gov. Pat McCrory overhauls the state's election laws. It requires government-issued photo IDs at the polls, reduces the early voting period by one week and ends same-day registration.

Veteran And Service Dog Told To Leave N.J. Boardwalk

A 19-year Army veteran was given a summons and told to leave the ocean-side boardwalk in North Wildwood, N.J., after a police officer refused to accept the presence of the veteran's service dog. It was reportedly the first vacation for Jared Goering and his wife, Sally, in years.

Ala. School District Cancels Bus Service, Igniting Controversy

The decision by a suburban Birmingham school district to eliminate its busing program has erupted into a controversy over race and class. Officials in the Hoover school district say they were forced to drop the buses because of a severe budget shortfall. Many community members believe the decision was designed to force out the growing numbers of minority and low-income students who are lowering average test scores in Hoover schools.

Waging A 'No Parking' War Along Malibu's Beaches

A trip to Malibu is the perfect getaway during your summer vacation. But good luck finding a place to park. Some Malibu residents place fake "No Parking" signs along the coast to keep tourists off of public beaches. And it's not just a problem in Malibu. A bill in the California Legislature would allow the state's Coastal Commission to start cracking down on the 600 backlogged public access violations along the coast.