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After Colorado Rock Slide, Teams Struggle To Reach 5 Bodies

Boulders — some the size of cars — cascaded down onto a group of hikers Monday. The sole survivor was a 13-year-old girl who has told authorities she was hiking with her family. She says her father tried to shield her from the rocks.

Nail Gun Victim Lives To Tell The Tale

Eugene Rakow is a carpenter who shot himself in the heart with a nail gun. Doctors removed the nail and gave it to him as a souvenir. According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the surgeon said Rakow was amazingly lucky. "Nine out of 10 people won't make it," according to the surgeon.

House GOP Didn't Blink, Focused On Defunding Obamacare

The focal point of the fight over continued funding for the federal government has been the effort by conservatives in the House to defund the Affordable Care Act. Enrollment begins Tuesday. Steve Inskeep talks to Arizona Republican David Schweikert, one of the House members who has supported the effort to defund the law known as Obamacare.

One Arrest So Far In Bikers' Shocking Attack Of NYC Driver

Dozens of motorcyclists chased an SUV. Some then surrounded it, smashed the windows and beat the driver. It was all caught on video. What set them off isn't yet clear.

Partial Government Shutdown Will Compromise Some Services

Much of the federal government is in the process of shutting down. With Congress unable to agree on a stop-gap spending bill, money for continuing operations ran out at midnight. Hundreds of thousands of government employees have been told to stop working — although President Obama says some vital functions will continue.

Marine Generals Forced To Retire A Year After Taliban Attack

Two Marine Corps generals have been asked to resign over an incident in Afghanistan a year ago. Taliban insurgents made their way onto a sprawling base and attacked NATO forces. Two Americans died and six Marine fighter jets were destroyed. The two generals reprimanded in the matter were found to bear responsibility for underestimating the threat to base security.

No End In Sight As Government Shutdown Begins

With lawmakers in Washington at loggerheads over the same issues they've been arguing about for more than five years, about 800,000 federal workers are being told to stay home. Essential services will continue.

After Shutdown, A Familiar Feeling At The White House

In his interview with President Obama on Monday, NPR's Steve Inskeep says some of the president's remarks were reminiscent of what he said in 2011 during the debt ceiling crisis. One stark difference, however, was the president's firmness. "Absolutely I will not negotiate," the president said.

Unable To Stop Shutdown, Obama Pins Blame On GOP

As the president tries to convince the public that Republicans bear the blame for budgetary gridlock, he faces an entirely different political and media landscape than in the last government shutdown nearly 18 years ago.

Boehner's Blues: Why Would Anyone Want This Job?

John Boehner finds himself in a position he had hoped to avoid all year. With no deal on the budget, questions about whether he can effectively lead the House will only grow louder.