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Boston Marathon Explosions: Thursday's Developments

Clues are still being sifted — most notably, perhaps, from video that shows a man setting down a bag and leaving the scene. No arrests have been made. Thursday morning, President Obama is due at an interfaith service in Boston where the victims will be remembered.

Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast Killed Several, Injured Dozens

As the day dawned, officials said an estimated 5 to 15 people were killed and more than 160 were wounded. It was feared those numbers might go higher. The cause of the fire that led to the explosion at a plant near Waco is under investigation.


Cleveland Celebrates Superman, Its Hometown Hero

Most people think of Superman as a native of Krypton, or perhaps the rural Kansas village of Smallville. Not so fast, say Clevelanders. The creators of the Man of Steel grew up in the city that steel built, and this year, Cleveland is pulling out all the stops for the superhero's 75th birthday.

Texas Fertilizer Plant Explodes; Unknown Number Killed

The explosion was reported around 7:50 p.m. from West Fertilizer plant in West, near Waco, Texas. Local news reports say that people were trapped in a nearby nursing home and in an apartment building.

Supreme Court Backs Warrants For Blood Tests In DUI Cases

The state of Missouri contended that because alcohol naturally dissipates in the bloodstream, each passing moment means valuable evidence is being lost, and so a warrant is never required for a blood draw. In an 8-to-1 vote, the Supreme Court disagreed.

Obama Uses And Loses Political Capital On Gun Control

The president had put his political weight behind expanded background checks. But if he couldn't get an important win on a popular measure in a Democratic-controlled Senate, what's in store for other parts of his second-term agenda?

More Prisoners Join Hunger Strike At Guantanamo

The number now stands at 52, the U.S. military says. The news comes just days after guards raided a section of the facility to move prisoners to single cells from their communal holding area because the detainees had covered security cameras.

Senate Rejects Expanded Background Checks For Gun Sales

The defeat of the measure by a 54-46 vote — six votes shy of the number needed to clear the Senate — marks a major setback for gun-control advocates

Science In A Scoop: Making Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The days of made-to-order ice cream are far from over in San Francisco. A small shop that operates out of an old shipping container uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ingredients together in about a minute for an ultra-fresh, ultra-smooth treat.