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Last Tennis Major Underway In New York's Flushing Meadows

It's the first week of the U.S. Open and tennis fans are jazzed. Renee Montagne talks to Jon Wertheim of Sports Illustrated about defending champs Serena Williams and Andy Murray. He also discusses the prospects of lesser known players.

Turning Off The Spigot In Western Kansas Farmland

If Kansas farmers keep pumping water out of the High Plains aquifer as they have in the past, the amount of water they can extract will start to fall in just 10 years or so, scientists predict. That will cause big changes in the agricultural economy. But reducing water use now could help delay and ease that disruption.

Clarence B. Jones: A Guiding Hand Behind 'I Have A Dream'

Clarence Jones played an integral but mostly unseen role in the 1963 March on Washington. As Martin Luther King Jr.'s legal adviser, Jones assisted in drafting King's landmark speech, and drew from a recent event in Birmingham, Ala., to craft one of the speech's signature lines.

A College Kid, A Single Mom, And The Problem With The Poverty Line

A college student getting help from his parents may be below the poverty line. The mother who earns $23,000 a year is not.

For Obama, Outrage Over Syria Is The Easy Part

The thorny issue of what to do about Syria makes President Obama's coming fiscal fights with congressional Republicans seem easy by comparison.

Sleepy, Southern And Segregated: What D.C. Was Like In '63

The 1963 March on Washington was a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement. And the city those protesters marched on 50 years ago was very different from the Washington of today.

Embattled LA Sheriff Still Plans To Give Fifth Term A Shot

Lee Baca, 71, is facing calls to step down and not seek another term. His department is at the center of a federal probe into widespread allegations of prisoner abuse.

Which U.S. Agencies Have Taken The Most Furlough Days?

The threat of furloughs loomed large early in 2013, when mandatory budget cuts seemed certain to force federal workers to skip anywhere from 10 to 22 days of work without pay. A new tally by Federal News Radio shows that many agencies took fewer than half the days they predicted.

Was 1973 'Battle Of The Sexes' Tennis Match Thrown?

Melissa Block speaks with Don Van Natta Jr., a senior writer with ESPN, about new evidence that the famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King may have been thrown to cover Rigg's gambling debts to the Mafia.

Liens By 'Sovereign Citizens' A Headache For State Officials

Robert Siegel talks to Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale, who has led the charge against sovereign citizen fraudulent liens and is an advocate for helping victims of the liens. He managed to get state legislation passed against it.